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Original Fiction: Hurt


Word Count: 1.159
Summary: ”There is that guy I'm seeing, you know … a crew member on one of the other ships. I told him I'd break things off with you.”
Pairing: male/male (hinted)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Author's Note: I'm taking the characters out of my toy box for the very first time with this. I have known them for about two years now, though. I'm still thinking about writing that screenplay. Please be gentle, it's my first posted original fiction. Written for the 5_prompts  prompt table #30 for prompt 01 – He's not coming back.
Beta: callygal1 , thank you very much!
Disclaimer: The characters, names and places within this story belong to me, and the plot belongs to me, also. Please do not reproduce anything here in fiction or artwork without asking me first.

Prompt Table


The spaceship's engines were quietly humming away, a steady sound that Delwyn Evans was so used to that sometimes it felt as if it were coming from him. He could hear it best when he was just lying on his bed in his quarters, the hard mattress beneath him and his fingertips brushing against the coarse material of the blanket. He could feel the warmth of the sun on his face, its rays falling through the window. The air smelled stale, but he was used to that too, and it meant comfort and home.

Delwyn had never seen the Nehalennia. He'd lost his eyesight a long time ago, long before he'd entered the ship for the first time, but he was able to tell it apart from every other ship. Humanity had a whole space station out here, floating above Earth, and a few spaceships. There were better ships than this one, but Delwyn didn't feel at home in them. He only felt at home here, in this ship, with its small crew – with Serdar. But Serdar was gone and he wouldn't be back.

It shouldn't hurt that much, considering that they never really were anything more than, well, glorified fuck buddies. Yet, it did hurt, somewhere deep within, and Delwyn thought that maybe, he just might never leave his quarters again. That was a bit melodramatic of course, and it would also confirm all the mean and homophobic things Mark thought about him, but he couldn't help it. He took some comfort in his determination not to cry, though.

Delwyn had always known that he and Serdar wouldn't last. It was unthinkable. Serdar was larger than life, strong and stubborn as well as a soldier with various skills. Who was Delwyn, really, in comparison? He was a technician, crawling around the insides of a spaceship, trying to find the missing screw or the rusted through parts that old ships like the Nehalennia were prone to have. It didn't matter how exceptional everyone thought he was, just because he was the only person around who could repair this ship. Every tech would be able to learn to make repairs. The Nehalennia wasn’t that different from the other ships Earth had at its disposal. They thought that he was special because he was doing so without being able to see, but he'd been blind since his childhood, so it was natural for him to feel for damaged parts or listen to the ship’s noises. Really, he didn't feel exceptional at all, so he should feel lucky that Serdar had even given him a second glance to begin with.

There was a knock at his door and Delwyn turned on his back before sitting up on the edge of the bed. He might have felt like a teenager, who'd lost his first love ever and was crying his eyes out in his room, but he really didn't have to look like one, and he hadn't cried.

He cleared his throat. ”Come in!”

The door opened and squeaked – he would have to fix that – and heavy footfalls approached. Delwyn took pride in his ability of being able to tell his shipmates apart by the sound of their steps, so he knew who was now coming to a standstill just a few feet away and he was surprised.



Mark was still talking a bit louder to him than he did to the others. Sometimes Delwyn thought that he couldn't tell the difference between blindness and deafness. He wondered what Mark wanted from him. The newest crew member was still trying to gain his footing on the ship, and he didn't seem to think that Delwyn was worth noticing most of the time. Mark was a soldier. Most soldiers weren't fond of techs.

Delwyn masked his surprise by asking, ”What's up?”

”Just … checking up on you, you know.”

Delwyn raised his eyebrows. ”That's … nice.”

There was the sound of fabric rustling, indicating that Mark was moving ever so slightly. Maybe he was uncomfortable. Delwyn and Mark weren't exactly friends. Delwyn contemplated if it was his turn to say something, to initiate a conversation. Mark took the decision from him.

”You know, it's not … maybe it's not forever.”

”He's not coming back,” Delwyn replied. ”He made that quite clear.”

Delwyn still remembered Serdar's voice, so close to him, because he had been sitting right next to him on the bed.

”Del, remember how you told me that I could … that you wouldn't mind … there was … there is that guy I'm seeing, you know … a crew member on one of the other ships.” There was a pause and a deep breath. Serdar obviously didn't like doing this. Maybe he was even sorry for doing this.”I told him I'd break things off with you.”

Delwyn started, coming back to the present moment. He stood up and walked a few steps to put some distance between himself and the bed. ”Thank you for stopping by.”

Three more steps and he stopped. He was standing near the wall now. He knew this ship so well, inside and out. He could never take a wrong step and he didn't need someone to guide him through the corridors and rooms. He knew everything about the Nehalennia and sometimes, when he walked down the hallways so sure about where the corners were and the doors were it felt as if he could see again. He wished that humans were as easy to learn as ships.

”Hey,” Mark said, ”I know that you and I had some problems in the beginning ...”

Delwyn remembered several uses of the word faggot and an “accidentally” misplaced storage box that he'd tripped over in one of the corridors.

”... but let's just start anew, okay?”

”Why?” Delwyn asked. ”Out of pity?”

”No,” Mark said and Delwyn heard him come closer. ”Because I behaved like a jerk, and because I know what it feels like to be betrayed by someone you respected.” There was a hand on his shoulder and Delwyn jumped, making it disappear as suddenly as it had come.


”It's okay. Just … I don't like someone touching me out of nowhere.”

”Bad experiences?”

”Something like that.” More than he could count.

”Well, then … I'll leave you alone. See ya.”

”Yeah. See ya.”

Mark's steps faded away. The door opened, and Mark said “He'll be back” with a certainty that made Delwyn think he knew more than he was letting on, then the door closed and Delwyn was alone. He made his way back to the bed – six steps – and fell on the mattress.

He sighed. ”No, he won't.”

And if he cried for two hours after Mark's visit, he would never tell.


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May. 16th, 2014 03:43 pm (UTC)
I can't believe that no-one has commented on this so far! I know this is only a sneak-peak into a much larger story, but it's very well done. You've woven completely new characters into something that has grabbed my attention and made me want to know more about Delwyn, Mark and the treacherous ex. I also want to know why Delwyn doesn't like being touched (I could have a guess, but knowing would be better).

I really hope that even if you never manage the screenplay, that you carry on writing these guys and their world. I for one would definitely read more.
May. 17th, 2014 03:28 am (UTC)
Thank you. :)
In the meantime, I wrote the screenplay and am now in the process of drafting the novel. A lot of thngs changed since I wrote this scene, though.
May. 17th, 2014 03:51 am (UTC)
That happens. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and I hope to be able to buy it one day :D
May. 18th, 2014 05:02 am (UTC)
Thank you. :)
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