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The State of the Fandom Address

Originally posted by sariagray . Comment there as well if you like.

Below, please find my address to the Fandom at large. Please note that no offense is intended - while it is serious in content, the delivery is intended to amuse. Yes, I totally tweaked part of a State of the Union as given by President Obama at the end. Also, please feel free to link back here and/or otherwise share if the mood strikes you. Just credit, even if it means I do get burned at the proverbial stake.

Fellow Citizens of the Torchwood Fandom and its subsequent Representatives,

I approach you this morning with both disappointment and regret. Of late, there has grown a rift amidst our great Fandom and the rending of our joined congregation has left us all swiftly advancing toward something akin to civil war.

I stand before you now not to wage that looming war, but peace.

Somehow, Torchwood has managed to capture our collective attentions and our hearts. It does not matter which character each citizen prefers, what their favorite episode is, or whether or not they will watch its continuation in whichever form it chooses to take.

In this Fandom, we have freedom of choice. One can choose to turn off the television set, or to watch glued to their seat, or even to peer out between the spaces of their fingers as they hide their eyes behind their hands. They can be excited about Miracle Day and still ship Jack and Ianto until the end of Time. They could dread Miracle Day and still loathe Ianto with their last breath. They can cry over Suzie with as much abandon as they like, and they can cheer on Gwen until their throats are raw.

We are permitted to choose all of these things without threat of persecution.

As with all freedoms, there is also a great deal of responsibility. We must all respect the opinions of everyone else and the livelihoods of the actors, producers, writers, cameramen, interns, and so forth, who work to continue Torchwood. We must respect people like Mr. Davies, as it is his show, and he is therefore permitted to do with it as he pleases. Most of the citizens within our great Fandom write stories – no one should dictate what each individual writes, and all should therefore return the favor as far as it extends. Creation is in the hands of the creator. Besides – without him, we would not be here, together, at this moment. We owe him a great debt of gratitude for that.

We must also respect that there are people within this Fandom that are not excited about its development. They have the same level of freedom, and should be unhindered in their pursuit of the old ways of Fandom. There are even people who straddle the fence of excitement and dread, caught up in this battle of wills and swept away in a tide of frustration. All of us must be respected as humans first, or this Fandom shall fall.

There is nothing in this world that everyone agrees upon – Torchwood and our Fandom is not exempt from disparity. Soon, there will be a wave of immigration into our Fandom; there will be an exodus, as well. We citizens should welcome and support both movements with open arms and refrain from the bizarre “xenophobia” that is in danger of developing.

I am not guiltless in any of this, myself, but we must all strive to form a more perfect union so that Fandom may remain strong. Personal attacks on its citizens solve nothing.

So I ask you all to stand tall and proud and enjoy the particular corner of fandom that holds your interest. Let others do the same, and find joy where those corners overlap. That is what makes us unique and wonderful. Embrace that.

The idea of Torchwood Fandom endures. Our destiny remains our choice. And this morning, more than two years later, it is because of our people that our future is hopeful, our journey goes forward, and the state of our union is strong.

Thank you, may you be blessed, and may the thing moving in the dark bless this Fandom.