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Word Count: 5.591
Summary: Daniel and Vala are getting to know each other better while they’re looking for the perfect gift for Cameron.
Characters: Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c, Cameron Mitchell, OCs
Pairing: Vala wishes it would be Daniel/Vala
Rating: PG
Spoiler: The ties that bind
Season 9 – after The ties that bind
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Stargate SG-1 and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Christmas Shopping Masterlist

Christmas Shopping

Word Count: 5.591
Summary: Daniel and Vala are getting to know each other better while they’re looking for the perfect gift for Cameron.
Characters: Vala Mal Doran, Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c, Cameron Mitchell, OCs
Pairing: Vala wishes it would be Daniel/Vala
Rating: PG
Spoiler: The ties that bind
Season 9 – after The ties that bind
Can’t breathe without it.
Beta: Anne McSommers – thanks!
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Stargate SG-1 and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Christmas Shopping Masterlist



“Tell me, darling,“ Vala said, leaning towards Daniel’s side of the car, “how did you do it?“

“I asked Landry,“ Daniel answered, stopping at a red light. Vala stuck out her lower lip and crossed her arms, leaning back in her seat. The front-seat passenger window was showing her the white world of Colorado Springs at Christmas time.

“I asked him too,“ she said, offended, and Daniel smiled while driving on.

“Well, I don’t think he was too fond of you calling him a mule headed old man in the process.“

Vala snorted. “He doesn’t like me, I think,“ and she looked searchingly at Daniel, “he doesn’t like women.“

Daniel laughed. “He likes Colonel Carter.“

“How would you know? She’s not here,“ Vala answered, hiding the fact that she was glad about that. In her opinion, Daniel was talking far too often about the fair-haired former team member. If they were such good friends, why had the team parted, leaving Daniel alone in the SGC? Sure he wanted to move to Atlantis, but Vala had investigated and found out that the request for the reassignment had come only after the team left. And she was jealous. One didn't like to admit it, and Daniel seemed particularly fond of not wanting to notice it, but Vala Mal Doran was a woman. A woman with feelings and everything. She didn't like the thought of someone like Sam Carter so close to her Daniel. Daniel belonged to her, in the good sense. She cared about him. She was taking care that he didn't work too much. He didn't like her distractions, but she knew that he would say something if they really disturbed him. He was so close to falling for her. At least, that's what she thought. “So, to celebrate this Christmas thing … do I have to pass a test?“ she asked.

“A test?“ Daniel repeated in confusion, frowning in a way Vala found particularly adorable. She would never say so, of course.

She was a woman, yes, but she had a reputation to keep up. “There were so many tests already, the medical kind, the food kind-“

“The food?“ Daniel smiled. “That wasn’t a test. That was the mess.“

Vala grimaced. “That’s cruel. Your little planet’s really-“

“You want me to buy you clothes? Don’t finish that sentence.“

“Okay, but I thought we were looking for a gift for Mitchell.“ Vala watched two drivers argue about the damage to the bodywork of their cars.

“If you want to leave the mountain more often, you’ll need clothes. I was able to find some for you this time, but I don’t think that Dr. Lam is too fond of borrowing her clothes all the time.“

Vala looked at the faded jeans and the red pullover, before she buttoned up the coat. “Well, I think her style needs work.“ She looked for Daniel’s reaction when she asked, “You think that I’ll stay for awhile?“

“At least until we get rid of the bracelets.“

“And that I’ll leave the mountain more often?“

Daniel nodded. “I remember how frustrated Teal’c was at the beginning when he couldn’t leave the SGC. You’re not as easily noticeable as he is. That helps. I will have to accompany you of course, because … of the bracelets, but I wanna show you a few things while you’re here.“ He turned into the Citadel Mall parking lot, looking for an open space.

Vala started to get excited when she took in the big mall. “Oh, that’s fantastic. I never saw something like this before.“

Daniel smiled. “It’s strange … a whole universe and we seem to be the only ones who invented malls.“

Vala smiled happily when they drove by a shop window displaying dresses. “Are we going to go in there?“

Daniel grinned. “But every woman likes shopping, even those not born on Earth.“


Vala grabbed Daniel’s arm and put her head on his shoulder when they entered the busy mall. “Are all of them buying presents?“, she asked, looking around curiously. Festively adorned firs were standing in every corner, kitschy angels and bows were hanging from the ceiling or standing next to the trees. Someplace, a choir sang while a band was playing Christmassy songs in the other direction.

Vala looked around completely awed, while Daniel pulled her with him.

“What’s going on with this day?“ she asked when they were passing the fifth Christmas tree.

“It’s tradition. A time for family and peace.“

“Sounds boring.“

Daniel smiled, stopping to look around. “What should we buy him?“

Vala shrugged. “A new gun?“

Daniel laughed.

Insulted, Vala looked at him. “That’s a great idea, you know. He loves his gun. It’s as if he wants to compensate something with it … you know what I mean.“

Daniel shrugged. “He’s a soldier.“

Vala played with one of her plaits. “Well, what should we get him, then?“

Daniel sighed. “I haven’t known him that long, yet.“

“What did you buy for O’Neill? He’s a soldier, too, maybe they are interested in the same things.“ Vala watched a couple looking at a model railroad which was displayed in a shop window. The man put an arm around the woman's shoulders and pulled her close, kissing her tenderly.

“Daniel,“ she turned to face her contemplative company, “I’m cold.“

Daniel rolled his eyes. “I told you to dress warmer.“

“You could warm me up,“ Vala suggested, looking at him from under her lashes. Daniel shook his head, smiling, and pulled her closer. He put an arm around her shoulders and headed for a department store.

Triumphantly, Vala cuddled up to him whereupon Daniel made half a step aside, keeping his arm around her.

“Let’s start with shopping for you. We can think about what to get Cameron later.“

“What did you do last Christmas?“ Vala pulled on Daniel's arm and looked at the expenses of a jeweller.

“Well, I celebrated with Jack, Sam and Teal’c.“

“Every year?“

“Since we were working for the SGC. Okay, well, except the year I was ascended. But I did visit. They don’t know about it, but ...“

Vala drew a circle on the glass of the shop window around a silver necklace. “So, this year, it’s your first Christmas without them since ...“

“Eight years.“

Vala looked up at Daniel. He was looking at the same necklace. She knew that he missed his team. The way he'd said goodbye to Teal'c after Anos had told them that the effect of the bracelets couldn't be undone had spoken volumes. Suddenly, Vala wanted to show him that he wasn't as alone as he thought.

That there was a friend he could talk to.

“Does it bother you?“ she asked.

Daniel looked at her, sighing. “I can’t change it. It’s okay. The first Christmas we spent together was the first year we were a team. We just started going on missions regularly. I was hurt and the others celebrated at the SGC instead of going home to their families. The years after that, Jack and Sam stayed for Teal’c’s and mine benefit. It became a tradition.“ He ushered her towards the department store.

Vala looked at the tiled floor thoughtfully. “And it’s okay for you to celebrate with Mitchell, Teal’c and me this year?“

Daniel nodded. “Sure.“ Vala returned his smile happily. While they were heading on to the department store, she wondered when the last time was that she'd felt so at home. She concluded that it had been a long time ago.

It had been when her mother had still been alive, and she'd made a trip to the mountains with her, her father and her sister.

She asked herself for a moment what her little sister Jahni might be doing right now. She fought off her dark thoughts when they entered the warm and loud department store. She looked up to Daniel who directionlessly looked around for a moment before he found the lady’s section. She held onto his hand tightly while they were heading for it through the crowd. She sadly ducked her head. No matter how happy she was at the moment to have found somebody who didn't just think of her as a thief and pain in the ass, it wouldn't last. She had to go as soon as the effect of the bracelets wore off. Good things had never lasted for her.

Other people or events had destroyed her life again and again. Quetesh was only the last one in a long list of unhappy phases in her life. She shook her head to quell the thoughts, gripping Daniel's hand tighter. After it had been clear that they had to get along with each other for longer, he'd begun to complain less and show interest in her. But there had been such situations before, and Vala had always fallen back in her old pattern sooner or later.

Stealing and fleeing. Without a place to call home. Without friends. Because she couldn't be disappointed that way.


Vala recognized the man immediately while she was waiting in the queue with Daniel. She’d seen him on tv and in the magazines. But he was looking different now. No white beard in sight, no hat. The stature, however, was just right and he was wearing red pants and the red and white coat with the wide black belt. His face was that of a young man. Of a very cute young man flirting with his colleague.

“Daniel,“ she whispered. He tilted his head to show that he was listening. Vala pointed out the young man. “Santa Claus.“

Daniel laughed softly, taking a step forward when the queue moved. “That isn’t Santa Claus. He’s just pretending.“

Vala watched the young man sticking a white beard to his face and pulling a hat over his hair.

“He’ll take his place beside the escalator and children can sit on his lap and tell him their wishes. Then, they get a photo.“

A smile graced Vala’s features. “Really? His lap?“ She watched the young man ringing a bell in his hand and turning a corner to take his place. Daniel checked the tags on the jeans, the coat and the pullover Vala wanted to have, adding the prices and rolling his eyes. When he turned to face Vala to ask her something, he noticed that she was gone.

“Damn it.“

She wouldn’t … Landry was going to kill him.


The woman behind him touched his shoulder to get his attention. “Your sweetheart headed for the escalator.“

“Thank you,“ Daniel muttered, finally reaching the cash register. He paid for the clothes and waited impatiently while they were packed into big bags, then he headed for the escalator. The sight that greeted him made him stop in shock. Vala was sitting on Santa Clause’s lap, her arms around his neck, whispering in his ear. The man behind the white beard had his arms wrapped around Vala‘s waist, listening intently. Daniel could see him blush.

“Oh, God,“ he muttered, shoving past families who were waiting for their turn, before he stopped in front of the couple. He smiled stiffly. “Vala, there are children waiting.“

“Can’t I have some fun for a change?“

“Vala … please,“ Daniel said, watching nervously while some parents began to get impatient, talking about certain selfish people. Vala looked into Danie’s blue eyes and she could feel her resolve cracking because of the pleading look.

She sighed in disappointment and dropped a kiss on Santa’s cheek. “It was nice meeting you.“

“Hey! Write down your number for me, huh?“ the dressedup man asked, getting up to follow Vala.

Daniel intercepted his way and pinned him with his very own death glare. “I don’t think so.“ While he turned away and headed off to the side with Vala to make room for the children, he wondered if he was jealous. No, he told himself. He was just worried.

“You are such a spoilsport. He was really cute and since you are playing hard to get, I thought ...“ She stopped when she noticed that Daniel wasn’t listening, checking instead if he’d left something at the cash register in his haste. Insulted, she crossed her arms and looked around. Daniel was just finding that he had everything he needed when he heard Vala say, “Oh, look!“ He looked up and was only able to watch the bright blue coat vanish in the direction of a lady’s department in another store.

He ran after her and when he finally found her, he grabbed her arm. “Stop doing that.“

“Hey! It’s not as if I can go very far. I don’t want to faint in the near future, you know?“

Daniel sighed. “What is it now?“

Shocked, he took in the sexy underwear Vala held up for him to see.

“What do you think: blue or red?“

“I won’t pick your underwear for you … and I won’t buy it.“ He was embarrassed how high his voice suddenly was, and ducked his head.

“I don’t know. Blue would accent my eyes, but red fits perfectly with my hair.“ Vala grabbed for the black version of her soon-to-be-possession. “Or black.“

“I won’t buy your underwear.“ Okay, at least his voice was sounding normal now.

Vala wrapped her arms around Daniel’s neck, cuddling up to him a little too close for comfort.

“But I need it.“

“You have underwear.“

“How would you know?“

“You were wearing them when you tried to seduce me in my quarters … a few days ago.“

Vala smiled in remembrance. “Oh, right! Those, I ordered on the line with Teal’c’s help.“

“Online,“ Daniel corrected, then he raised his eyebrows, “You bought your underwear with Teal‘c?“ Was that a spike of jealousy again or … no, it was protectiveness. Protectiveness. But why would he want to protect Vala from Teal‘c? Okay, well, but it wasn’t jealousy, it was … different.


“Well, doesn‘t matter … I won’t buy sexy underwear for you.“ With that, he pulled Vala’s arms loose from around him and put the underwear back where it belonged. He grabbed Vala’s hand and headed for the exit. Vala followed with a grin. The day was getting better and better. She enjoyed spending time with Daniel and not being at work. She knew deep down that she shouldn’t get used to it … but she could at least enjoy it for a day.


“This one’s beautiful,“ Vala muttered and a young saleswoman wearing a skirt and a blouse joined her.

“A good choice, Miss.“ She took the necklace out of the display case, placing it on a small pillow made of satin. “The necklace consists of pure silver. Thanks to its fine looks, it can be worn for elevated social events or in the weekday.“

Vala took a closer look at the necklace before glancing across the jewellery store to Daniel who was leaning against the wall, guarding the bags to his feet. With crossed arms, he looked at Vala with an emphatically bored expression before he turned to the window again.

“Your husband?“ the saleswoman asked before she realized that Vala wasn’t wearing a ring and corrected herself. “Your boyfriend?“

Vala straightened, weighing the possibility to tell the truth. Then she grinned. “Yes.“ She turned to face Daniel. “Darling, could you take a look, please?“

It took a second for Daniel to register that she meant him, then he slowly trotted over to them. Vala cuddled up to him. The saleswoman smiled. “Your girlfriend has an excellent taste.“

Daniel sighed, trying to push Vala away, but she just laughed softly, tightening her grip. “It’s no big deal to be a little affectionate in the public, honey.“

She looked at the saleswoman. “He’s shy.“


“Honey?“ She looked at him with big blue eyes and he smiled at the saleswoman.

“Could I have a second with her?“

The saleswoman nodded and headed towards another couple.

“Vala, I’m telling you one last time and I’m being serious here,“ Daniel began, gripping Vala’s shoulders to look into her eyes, “Stop telling everybody that we’re a couple, because we aren’t and for that same reason: Stop touching me the whole time. I don’t like it, I never liked it and ...“ He interrupted himself when he noticed tears in Vala’s eyes.

“God,“ he muttered. He rolled his eyes. “Are you pretending?“

Vala didn’t answer, ducking her head instead to play with one of the black buttons on her coat. Daniel looked around, smiling at the saleslady who was glancing at them rather darkly.

“Sorry. I’m just … not very tactile.“

Vala stared at the floor to hide her soft smile, wiping her eyes for good measure.

“Vala, please,“ Daniel whispered, “I’ll make you a deal. You stop pretending that we’re a couple, and in turn you can touch me … from the waist up.“

Vala shrugged.

“Okay?“ Daniel asked, kicking himself for not being able to see children or women cry because of him. Sha’re had known that and from time to time, she’d even used some tears to get her way. Daniel smiled at the memory and then brushed some strands of black hair from Vala’s forehead. “Okay?“

She looked up at him, suddenly happy again. “Okay.“

The saleswoman joined them. “Have you decided?“

Daniel looked at the necklace while Vala was getting their bags.

“Thanks, but no thanks,“ she said and when she left the store she called out, “There! At the fountain! Look, Daniel!“

Daniel smiled at the saleswoman. “It’s her first time in the USA.“


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