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Stargate: Carbon Copy 1/12 (Fanfiction)


Word Count: 32.873
Summary: An alternate reality asks for Daniel’s help. Earth is surrounded by enemies: Ba’al forged an alliance with the Ori to conquer the planet. The last hope is the Lost City of the Ancients. Daniel, along with Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett, embarks on a mission to save the alternate Earth, not knowing that this adventure will change his life and relationship to his best friend forever.
Characters: Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson, Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay, Ba’al, Bill Lee, Charles Kawalsky, Walter Harriman, Nicholas Rush, Teal’c, Evan Lorne, Everett Young, Major Marks, some guest appearances, various OCs
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Rodney/Carson
Rating: PG
Spoiler: Small ones for The Movie, The Enemy Within, In the Line of Duty, Seth, Point of View, Double Jeopardy, Meridian, Avenger2.0, Heroes, The Lost City, New Order, Avalon, Origin, Ex-Deus Machina, The Ark of Truth
Setting: Season 8
Crossover: Stargate Atlantis, pre-season 1 / Stargate Universe, pre-season 1
Crossover-Spoilers: Stargate Atlantis: Rising, Hide and Seek / Stargate Universe: Air (blink and you’ll miss it)
Warnings: Torture, slash
Author’s Note: Written for the Stargate SG-1 Big Bang 2010.
Feedback: Can’t breathe without it.
Cheerleader: Findo, you provided me with answers to those techy details I was tripping over, helped me filling the plot holes and straightening the story arc. Without you, Ba’al wouldn’t be so smart and the ending wouldn’t be as it is now. Thanks for the chat, the encouraging mails and for just doing your job.
Beta: Anne McSommers, you did one hell of a job by doing the beta within only a few days. Thanks for the grammar and spelling correction and for asking the right question that made me change the beginning ever so slightly.
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe and the characters appearing within them belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Art: antares04a  and _bounce_  did some awesome artwork for this fanfiction. Check antares04a 's work out here and _bounce_ 's here, here and a bigger version of the Atlantis one here!

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They were fast and quiet. Daniel Jackson didn’t even know that they were there, waiting for him.

His office was dark when he arrived. He switched on the light and navigated past books that were stacked on chairs, past shelves loaded with more books and stopped at his desk that wasn’t just a mess of books and notes, but of unfinished paperwork as well. Daniel let his bag fall to the floor, and put down his cup of coffee. He brought his computer to life from stand-by mode before checking his e-mails. He answered his team member Sam with a Yes to her question whether they would have breakfast together later, and shook his head with a grin when she immediately answered with a smiley. Presumably, she hadn’t even left the base, but worked on her latest project through the whole night as usual.

He checked a list of the personnel present, and frowned. Jack had called and asked him to come to the base ASAP, because he had something important to show him.

Daniel’s best friend had been the head of Stargate Command only for a short time, now, and he didn’t seem to be to happy with this position. During the phone call that had woken Daniel from sleep approximately an hour ago, Jack had sounded as if something bad had happened. Since nobody at the SGC seemed to be alarmed, Daniel had assumed on his arrival that Jack’s problem maybe was a personal one.

But Jack hadn’t been in his office or in one of the quarters and now it appeared as if Jack wasn’t on the base at all.

Closing his office door, Daniel decided to wait for Jack for a while. The SGC was busier at night then it had been seven years ago. There were more soldiers and the scientists working around the clock. Daniel was just about to get lost in his translation when the lights went out and his computer gave an unhappy peep before it shut down.

“Damn it,“ he muttered, “Not again.“

More personnel meant more power usage, and the last few weeks had put a strain on the base that had been used even before the Stargate program came along. The generators were old, and Jack was trying for weeks now to get the necessary money from the budget committee to replace them. The committee saw no reason to grant the request. Daniel used the shelves to find the door, and opened it. The corridor was brightly lit. It seemed as if his office was the only one in the dark. He went back to his desk and picked up his phone. With a frown he realized, that it was dead as well. Sighing, he headed for the corridor to hopefully find an open office where he could use the phone. All of them were locked, just his luck. Only the door to the supply closet at the end of the hall opened obediently. Daniel knew that the supply closets had phones too.

Later, he would think that he should have paid more attention. If he’d just been that bit more focused on his surroundings instead of on the list of phone numbers tacked to the wall, he would have seen them cowering in the shelves’ shadows.

But he wasn’t, so he was just about to call for somebody able to fix his problem. Someone grabbed his arm and jammed a needle into his thigh. Daniel cried out, and pushed his attacker back. He got dizzy, stumbling against the phone. He wanted to turn around, but his body wasn’t following his orders anymore. When he fell, somebody caught him, helping him to meet the floor much more gently.

“Sorry, Danny,“ a man said softly and while Daniel was drifting into unconsciousness, he wondered why Jack would attack him.


Consciousness was returning slowly, and with a pounding headache. Daniel grimaced, closing his eyes tighter against the onslaught of pain. He pushed his face into the cushion with a soft groan.

“There’s Tylenol on the bedside table,“ Jack said, and Daniel nodded carefully so as to not worsen his headache.


“You okay?“ His friend sounded worried.

“Just let me die in peace,“ Daniel answered.

“You think that’s funny?“ Jack asked, causing Daniel to open his eyes and squint at him. Jack was sitting in a chair next to his bed and Daniel realized that they were in one if the SGC visitor quarters.

What had happened? Had he been in an accident?

Jack was wearing his green BDUs, his hair was a little unkempt, he seemed to be a little tired, but everything was like it should be. Nevertheless, something was off. Something kept niggling at Daniel’s subconscious. He frowned. “What happened? I don’t know … I went home, didn’t I?“

Jack leant forward, bracing his arms on his knees, and Daniel just knew that whatever Jack was going to tell him, he wasn’t going to like it.

“You’re not in your SGC anymore, you’re in my SGC – in an alternate reality.“

Daniel was tempted to laugh. For approximately one second. Then he remembered. He sat up, ignoring the increasing pounding in his head. “You kidnapped me,“ he hissed angrily.

Jack raised his hands in defence. “Danny, I swear, there’s a good reason.“

“For kidnapping me? We thought you were coming as our friends.“

“We did,“ Jack answered firmly.

Daniel left the bed and propped his hands up on the bedside table when the room started to spin. Jack got up, seemingly trying to get to him by coming around the bed, but Daniel raised his hands and leant against the wall. “Stay away from me.“

“Danny, you really should lie down.“

“I really should go home,“ Daniel answered. He crossed his arms. “I don’t belong here. And I don’t want to stay here. Take me home.“

Jack shoved his hands into his BDU pockets. “After you’ve helped us out,“ he said.

Daniel’s eyes widened in bewilderment. “Uh … no.“


“Don’t call me that. We barely know each other.“

Jack ducked his head, seemingly hurt. “Fine,“ he said softly. Then he raised his head. “I’ll just give you a little more time to get used to this.“ He turned away.

“Whoa, wait a minute!“ Daniel called, taking a step towards Jack, but he stopped when the other man turned around to face him, “I want to leave. Now.“

Jack shook his head. “Sorry.“

He left the room before Daniel could utter another protest. Daniel followed him to the door and turned the knob, but it was locked. Furiously, he kicked the blue lacquered metal. “Jack!“ he called, “General O’Neill!“ He slapped his flat hand against the door.

No reaction.

Discouraged, he leant his forehead against the cool metal, breathing deeply, wondering how he had gotten into this situation.

Reality No. 389 – Twenty-six hours before

The archives in Cheyenne Mountain held all the things that the SGC didn’t fly out to Area 51, because they were needed or that were undergoing tests at the moment. One of those things was the most interesting device which the Stargate program had found, but also the one they knew the least about.

Without the remote control, it was nothing more than a blind mirror which gathered dust in one of the smallest rooms of the SGC on level twenty-five. It was guarded by cameras 24/7. In the last few weeks, the night shift guard Sergeant Granger had noticed a growing interest in the quantum mirror. Every evening, when Granger started his shift in the SGC’s archives, scientists had been with the mirror, subjecting it to different tests.

They always seemed dissatisfied when they left, therefore Granger assumed that the mirror would get a return plane ticket to Area 51 soon. The protective plate over the mirror’s surface, which had been installed after the last incident years ago, had been removed. For Granger, this meant more work because he had to make sure regularly and in person that nothing had come through.

He glanced at the screen showing him the inactive mirror and then became engrossed in his book again. Doctor Bill Lee stepped up to his desk near the elevator and put a small box on the table. He rummaged about in his trouser pockets, and then presented a dog-eared confirmation from General O’Neill. “I have permission to take this with me.“

He opened the wooden box and Granger glanced at the Goa’uld ribbon device. He entered the barcode number printed on the box into the computer to sign the device out. “Have fun.“

Lee seemed to take the comment seriously, because he smiled and entered the elevator with the object of his research. Granger shook his head with a sigh as the doors were closing, glancing at the video feed again. “I really need to get into one of the teams,“ he mumbled. He focused on his book until a movement out of the corner of his eye made him turn towards the monitor. He tensed up. There was something on the surface of the mirror. Four men were standing there ... and then, they were suddenly in the base. Alerted, Granger sealed the area off and pressed the alarm button. He got up abruptly and stumbled backwards in shock, grabbing for his weapon, when he saw himself waving into the camera.


Jack O’Neill was sure that General Hammond must have had at least ten assistants whom he kept hidden someplace during his work as the SGC’s leader, because it had always seemed to be so easy for him. He’d always finished office work before five, as if it were nothing. Maybe, he’d hidden clones of Walter Harriman and never told Jack about them.

Jack would like to know where Hammond kept them. Not only because he wanted them to do his office work, but because he wanted to get rid of the original calling him in the middle of the night, too.

“General?“ Walter asked after Jack had answered his phone with a barely human ”’lo?”.

Jack sighed into his pillow. “Is there an attack? Did Thor call? Did Apophis come back to life … again?“ he growled.

“No, sir.“

“Then let me sleep.“

“It’s the quantum mirror, sir. It was activated. We’ve got visitors.“

Jack sat up and rubbed the tiredness from his eyes with a hand. “I’m on my way.“ He hung up. That damn mirror! It was still a mystery to Jack how Carter had managed to convince the general not to destroy the thing.

For him, the mirror meant trouble. He got dressed, hesitated for a moment and then reached for his cell phone. He knew that Carter and Teal’c were on the base. But he really wanted to have their expertise for first contact there too. He dialled Daniel’s number and looked for his car keys.

Daniel answered after the third ring, sounding disgustingly awake. “Hello?“

“Daniel, the mirror was activated. Come to the base ASAP.“ He heard Daniel answer “Good morning, sunshine” before he disconnected the call.


Jack cursed himself for letting the chance slide to win twenty dollars from Daniel, because he knew who was waiting for them as soon as the elevator doors opened on level 28.

“Good morning, sir,“ Sergeant Walter Harriman said, ever the dutiful assistant, and handed Jack a cup of coffee when he was leaving the elevator with Daniel in tow, “Good morning, Dr. Jackson.“

“Who is it, Walter?“ Jack asked, already heading for the briefing room. Daniel was walking next to him, Walter a step ahead of them.

“The medical tests are done. Everything’s looking good. We’ve got four visitors, sir. The team’s leader is Major … Colonel Kawalsky.“

It was giving Jack a sting, even after all these years, to hear the name of his deceased best friend. He concealed his reaction while Walter continued. “He came through with Sgt. Granger and Dr. Lee.“

Jack didn’t remember Granger, but he knew Bill Lee and Daniel uttered a surprised “Hm“. Walter stopped in front of the door to the briefing room, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “The fourth team member is Lt. Fraiser.“

“Janet?“ Daniel asked, his eyebrows rose above the rims of his glasses.

“No, Doctor,“ Walter answered, “Cassandra.“

Jack and Daniel exchanged a surprised look.

“Major Carter and Teal’c are already there, sir.“ Walter opened the door, letting Jack and Daniel walk past him. Sam and Teal’c were sitting at the big conference table in the middle of the room with their backs to Jack and Daniel. They turned around to face them when they entered. Teal’c’s face was impassive as always, only a glimmer in his dark eyes telling that he wasn’t only curious, but taken by surprise. Sam was pale, her blue eyes round and a little shocked. Daniel assumed that this was due to Cassie’s presence. Sam had visited Cassandra at college only a couple of days ago.

Jack was feeling a little creeped out by the young woman sitting at the table, too. She had tucked her sandy hair in a strict knot at the back of her head and was wearing a uniform. On her sleeve, where in this reality the SG teams had their team insignia, was a patch with the silhouette of the mirror, a bold 1 embroidered on it. Where the Ta’uri insignia should be, a R298 could be seen on a white background. In front of Cassandra was the remote control for the mirror. A young man whom Jack didn’t know sat beside her. He had fair short hair, deep brown eyes, and a friendly face.

He had to be Sgt. Granger. Doctor Lee didn’t look much differently than in this reality. A bit on the stocky side, nearly all his hair gone and beard stubble covering his round face. Only the glasses were different, they were rimmed red.

He sat on Cassandra’s other side and was looking at Jack and Daniel with open curiosity. Jack wondered whether they existed also in his reality, and he was looking for differences now.

Colonel Kawalsky, his dark hair carefully styled and with a small scar on his cheek, was sitting next to Lee, throwing a crooked smile at the general. “Jack,“ he said. He looked at Daniel. “Hey, Doc! It’s really good to see you.“

Daniel nodded hesitantly. He was a little surprised, since this seemed to be the first known reality in which he was part of the SGC. He and Jack sat down at the table, Daniel next to Sam and Jack on his seat at the head.

“So …,“ he said, insecure. The four seemed neither hunted nor threatened. Jack was rather sure that they were completely calm. He thought he knew why. “You guys aren’t doing this for the first time?“

Kawalsky nodded, smiling. “We’ve got teams. Don’t you visit ARs?“

Jack raised his eyebrows. “No.“

Sam seemed to be fascinated. “Until now, we only met other realities by accident.“

Lee propped his arms on the table, leaning forward, confusion written on his face. “Why? I mean it’s pretty obvious that ARs can exchange viable information.“

“It creeps us out,“ Jack answered.

Kawalsky laughed. “You get used to it, man.“

“So,“ Daniel asked, “don’t you have a Stargate program?“

“Sure,“ Kawalsky answered, “there are two commands run in Cheyenne Mountain for two years now – the SGC and the QMC, the Quantum Mirror Command. Jack, you’re the boss of both commands. You’re a general in our reality, too.“

Jack grinned. “It’s a gift.“

Cassandra spoke for the first time. “But there are differences, too.“ She looked at Sam and Teal’c. “I’ve never seen you before.“

Sam and Teal’c exchanged a surprised look.

“Well, I …“ Sam frowned. “In our reality, we’re good friends. Especially since …“ She stopped, biting her lip.

“Since my mom’s death?“ Cassandra asked. She nodded. “Don’t worry. I’m okay. It happened in our reality, too.“

“Janet was my best friend. You were living with me after she died. Now, you’re in college, studying medicine.“

Cassandra smiled. “I can’t imagine becoming a doctor. And … after my mother’s death, Uncle Jack …“ She stopped and ducked her head. She cleared her throat. “… Uncle Jack took me in.“ She was leaving something out, but Jack didn’t want to prod since it seemed to be a personal matter.

Silence descended and Jack leant back in his chair. “You want to exchange information?“

Kawalsky took on the role of the team leader and nodded. “Yes. We want to talk. You get information, we get information. Nice and easy.“

“Well,“ Jack said, getting up, “I have to make a few calls, but your idea sounds good to me. You can roam around the base, but I want someone …“ He stopped, massaging his forehead. He disliked the idea to treat Kawalsky and Cassandra like a security risk.

“Babysitter?“ Kawalsky asked, his eyebrows raised, “No problem, we understand.“

Dr. Lee looked at his watch. “We’ve got forty hours before we have to leave and get back to our reality.“

Granger nodded. “Entropic cascade failure. An hour in our reality’s enough to neutralize the danger, though. We can come back and spend another forty-five hours here if needed.“

Sam was struck dumb. “That sounds really well organized.“

Lee nodded. “We experimented a lot, worked with information gathered in ARs …“

“I’d like to hear more about that,“ Sam said, looking pleadingly at Jack with big blue eyes.

He nodded. “By all means, knock yourself out.“


“So, Doc,“ Kawalsky said, smiling at him from his side at the table in the mess, “what are you doing in this reality for a living?“

The mess hall was almost deserted at this time in the morning. The visitors were already cooperating without the official green light and Lee was informing Sam with Cassandra about the QMC program. Jack was still speaking to the president, while Granger had left for the mirror with Teal’c to give their world a thumbs up. Daniel shrugged and sipped his coffee. “Missions with SG-1, a couple of translations … uh … I’m scheduled for a trip to Antarctica next week.“

Kawalsky raised his eyebrows. “So, you are looking for the Lost City, too?“

“Yes,“ Daniel answered.

Kawalsky stirred his muesli. “And you are still looking for the coordinates?“

Daniel nodded. “It’s not easy, but I think I’m near a breakthrough.“

“Really?“ Kawalsky asked, grinning, “Interesting.“


“So, you don’t have a remote for your mirror?“ Cassie asked and Sam nodded. She regretted the fact that they couldn’t control the mirror. Maybe, they would have a QMC program themselves already, if the remote control hadn’t been lost.

Lee rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “We’re travelling to many realities with exactly the same problem. We’re trying to macgyver a remote at the moment.“

Sam looked at him in surprise. “You can do that?“

Lee shrugged with a shy smile. “Not yet … but we’re working on it.“

Sam leant back in her chair, looking at the conference table thoughtfully. Her curiosity finally won. “So, I’m not in the SGC in your reality?“

Lee shook his head. “You’re working for the Pentagon. O’Neill offered you a job, but …“ He sighed. “You told him to leave the position vacant until your father gets better. You wanted to stay with him in Washington.“

Sam ducked her head. Jack entered the conference room and the three turned to face him. He put his hands on his hips. “We’ve got green light.“

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