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Stargate: Carbon Copy 5/12 (Fanfiction)


Word Count: 32.873
Summary: An alternate reality asks for Daniel’s help. Earth is surrounded by enemies: Ba’al forged an alliance with the Ori to conquer the planet. The last hope is the Lost City of the Ancients. Daniel, along with Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett, embarks on a mission to save the alternate Earth, not knowing that this adventure will change his life and relationship to his best friend forever.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Rodney/Carson
Rating: PG
Spoiler: Small ones for The Movie, The Enemy Within, In the Line of Duty, Seth, Point of View, Double Jeopardy, Meridian, Avenger2.0, Heroes, The Lost City, New Order, Avalon, Origin, Ex-Deus Machina, The Ark of Truth
Crossover-Spoilers: Stargate Atlantis: Rising, Hide and Seek / Stargate Universe: Air (blink and you’ll miss it)
Warnings: Torture, slash
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe and the characters appearing within them belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Carbon Copy Masterlist
Chapter 4


The letters were drilling into his eyes, and he wondered whether it would be healthy to take a fourth Tylenol. When Carson had visited Daniel and Rodney hours ago, he’d dimmed the light in the laboratory to remind them that they had to take a break, too. With Rodney, it had worked.

His head was lying near the keyboard, and he was snoring softly. Daniel raised his eyebrows, wondering whether he should spare the scientist the terrible backache and wake him to send him to bed or whether he should just let him sleep in the uncomfortable position. His eyes then glided back to the video displayed on his computer screen. He’d stopped the video a while ago and was since then staring at the hologram above the chair.

Itneras …,“ he mumbled, trying to speed up his mind and to chase away the headache. He massaged his forehead and propped his head up on a hand.

The next thing he was aware of was a hand on his shoulder. Startled, he turned around to face Carson.

“Daniel, it’s three a.m.,“ Carson said, a hint of accusation colouring his voice. His hand automatically seized Daniel’s wrist to take his pulse. The movement was so routine and natural on him that Daniel could only look at him dumbly. Carson looked up to him, grimacing in sympathy. “That bad?“

“You’re able to tell that I have a headache by taking my pulse?“

“No,“ Carson grinned, “your forehead and your eyes are a dead give-away … migraine?“

Daniel nodded.

Carson sighed. “Go to bed. If it’s not gone after a few hours of sleep, I’ll take you to the infirmary and we’ll find an appropriate pain medication.“

Daniel knew that he had to sleep and got up. Rodney let out a particularly loud snore in that moment and the two other men turned in his direction. The scientist had changed his position while Daniel had dropped off.

A hand was pillowing his cheek, the other arm was hanging down limply. The only thing holding him on his chair seemed to be his chest which was jammed against the desk. His mouth was hanging slightly open, and a track of saliva was drying on his chin. Carson sighed, crossing his arms. “God, that’s bloody hot,“ he joked, rolling his eyes. Daniel glanced at him, not sure whether Carson was just joking, or whether he was joking about a man he had feelings for. Carson sighed. “Where the hell did my taste in men go? I’m crazy.“

That answered Daniel’s question. Carson threw him a small nervous smile, and Daniel smiled back to assure him that he didn’t have a problem with the fact that Carson was gay.

“Just go to sleep,“ the doctor said, “Go.“

“What about Rodney?“

“I’ll deal with him,“ Carson answered. He shrugged. “I’ll tuck him in.“ He nodded towards the door. “There are guest quarters just down the hall. Number One’s free.“

Daniel nodded. “Okay.“


Daniel woke up with a dry mouth and the nagging feeling that a truck must have hit him while he’d been asleep.

He groaned softly and buried his head in the cushion. The spartan guest accommodations were lit only weakly, but the soft light was doing its best to hurt his eyes. His head was aching even more than yesterday. For the first time, the thought occurred to him that the headache could be the consequences of the journey into an alternate reality. He knew entropic cascade failure, but maybe this was something they hadn’t encountered yet. They really didn’t know much about travelling through the mirror. Daniel sat up, and squinted to protect his eyes from the light. He put on his shoes, needing ten minutes to tie the laces. Or maybe, he was just having a really bad migraine.

When he entered the laboratory, Carson and Rodney were already there. Rodney was brooding in front of his screen, watching the video, and Carson was standing beside him, looking over his shoulder. He turned around to face Daniel and his greeting smile changed into a deep frown. “That bad?“ he asked, worried. Rodney turned around, too.

“Worse,“ Daniel answered.

“Okay,“ Carson said, stepping towards him, “Infirmary.“


The infirmary was small, too brightly lit for Daniel’s sensitive eyes, but well equipped. The beds were separated by curtains. He could see doors leading to a laboratory, to the radiograph and into a storeroom. Carson had him sit on one of the beds and examined him briefly.

Then, he’d disappeared in the storeroom.

“Danny,“ Jack said in concern when he arrived in the infirmary and headed for his bed.

“Hey!“ Daniel greeted him with a forced smile.

Jack crossed his arms. “Dr. Beckett called me, and told me that you’re not feeling well.“

“It’s just a migraine,“ Daniel hastened to assure him. Then he sighed. “I hope.“ He looked at Jack. “Do you know something about the effects of mirror travel? This kind of symptoms … could the headache come from me travelling into an alternate universe?“

Jack shook his head. “Never heard of it. But I’ll call the QMC and ask Dr. Lee about it later, just to be on the safe side.“

“Entropic cascade failure?“ Daniel asked.

“How?“ Jack asked, “My … Daniel’s dead.“ He cleared his throat and banned his grief from his brown eyes. “Besides, ECF’s something others can see, too.“

“Right,“ Daniel said softly. “Just a migraine, then,“ he smiled. He hoped so. In the last few years, they’d encountered far too many apparently harmless illnesses to not leave an uneasy flutter in his stomach. To distract himself, he asked, “What did you do yesterday?“

Jack leant against the wall. “Well, I visited the Artemis, the Odin and the SGC to see how the dialling program is coming along. We want to be able to dial out faster than Ba’al dials in. It looks like we could make it. But Dr. Rush thinks that we can dial out only once before Ba’al will be able to dial in even faster. Unfortunately, he has a DHD at his disposal. That way, he can program the Stargate’s dialling program far better than we can. Our experts are doing what they can, but at the end of the day, Ba’al has more knowledge about the 'Gate. He studied it, and the Ori are damn smart, too. Wherever they come from, they know at least as much about the 'Gate as the Ancients.“

Daniel nodded cautiously. “But dialling once is enough to get to Atlantis.“

“Once is enough to evacuate essential personal, too. The bosses want to dial the Alpha site instead of a city we know next to nothing about.“

Daniel massaged his forehead. “You’re telling me that we’re doing all this for nothing.“

“Maybe,“ Jack answered.

Carson joined them. “Okay. Take these.“ He handed Daniel a small cup with two pills in it. “They should do the trick. Take them and then go get something to eat.“

“We’ll get breakfast together,“ Jack answered.

Carson nodded his thanks, then he addressed Daniel. “I don’t want to see you in the laboratory for the next half hour.“

Daniel nodded reluctantly.


The mess hall was busy but Jack and Daniel found two seats at one of the tables in the back. Jack took care that Daniel filled his tray for three before he permitted him to sit down. Daniel had found a ballpoint pen in his trouser pocket and written the word itneras in Ancient characters on a napkin.

He thoughtfully looked at it while he was eating. His eyes found Jack’s and he propped his head onto a hand.

“Jack?“ Daniel asked and the general looked up at him from his muesli, “In this reality, was … was I married?“

Jack put the spoon aside and rubbed his forehead. Daniel knew the gesture. It meant that Jack was getting nervous, an emotion his best friend wasn’t prone to.

“Why do you want to know?“

“Just curiosity, I guess,“ Daniel shrugged, “I was married.“

“Really?“ Jack asked in surprise, “Who was the lucky girl?“

“Sha’re … from Abydos.“

“Kasuf’s daughter?“ Jack smiled. He shook his head. “She was already married when we arrived on Abydos. There were a few girls smitten with Daniel, but he never married one of them. He spent one year on Aybdos before he dialled Earth and returned. He brought proof for there being more than one Stargate out there.“

Daniel frowend. “Wow! That’s different.“

“So, you were married, then?“

“She’s dead,“ Daniel answered.

“I’m sorry.“

Daniel nodded. Jack picked up his spoon, fiddling with it in thought, before he seemed to come to a decision. “You know, you … he … was with someone here.“

Daniel smiled curiously. “Really?“

Jack nodded.

“Was it serious?“ Daniel asked.

“More than that,“ Jack answered.

“With whom?“

Jack shrugged, a small smile playing around his lips. “I won’t tell.“

Daniel smiled. “And if I had a very interesting information about one of your people, on this base, would you tell me then?“

Jack thinned his lips, a playful expression gracing his features. “That depends on the information. Is it good?“

“Very good,“ Daniel answered.

“Well, let me hear it,“ Jack demanded.

Daniel leant towards him. “Carson has a crush on Rodney.“

Jack’s eyes widened. “No way.“

“Way,“ Daniel laughed. His eyes caught on the napkin and he stilled. Suddenly, it made perfect sense. It wasn’t a typo, it wasn’t even a word at all.

“Oh, my God.“

“What?“ Jack asked, worried. Daniel stared at the napkin, then up to Jack. His mouth was opened, but no words were coming forth.

“What? Danny?“ Jack asked.

Daniel got up. “Gotta go.“ He left the mess hall.

Jack called after him, “Would it be worth it to follow you?!“

No answer.


“Got it!“ Daniel said when he entered the laboratory and Rodney and Carson, still puzzling over the video, stared at him in surprise.

A smile spread on Carson’s face. “Really?“ he asked.

Rodney remained the sceptic. “Are you sure?“

“Yes,“ Daniel answered, reaching one of the white boards.

He grabbed the pen and began to write on it in Ancient when Jack joined them. “What did I miss?“ he asked.

Daniel shook his head. “You’re just on time.“ He pointed to the word. “Look.“

The three men obeyed. Daniel bobbed impatiently on his feet but, being the eternal teacher he was, he waited for them to solve the riddle themselves.

Itneras?“ Rodney asked slowly. Jack raised his eyebrows in question, a gesture, Daniel knew all too well from his best friend.

“What does that mean?“

“Nothing,“ Rodney answered in irritation, “it’s a typo.“

“Daniel?“ Jack asked.

“Look,“ the archaeologist repeated in excitement. Silence descended while they did as he asked.

Finally, Rodney sighed. “Okay, that’s just plain stupid.“

“Rodney,“ Carson gently admonished and the scientist looked up at him.

“No, really. It’s a typo. He’s acting as if he found a code.“

“Yes!“ Daniel called, pointing at Rodney in triumph.

Jack asked hesitantly, “It’s … a code?“

Daniel was writing on the board again and when he stepped to the side, they could see a new set of Ancient letters on it.

Rodney got up. “Oh, my God. Oh, that’s … genius,“ he said enthusiastically, walking to the board to take a closer look. Carson and Jack exchanged a confused glance.

“Right,“ Daniel said, pointing to the new set of letters, “Who would search for something like this?“

“Who would even suspect a deeper meaning?“ Rodney added.

“And even if they do …,“ Daniel said.

“… they would need and extensive knowledge about the Ancient’s language to see it,“ Rodney said.

“Boys,“ Jack interrupted, “Just so you know, there are Goa’uld and Ori ships floating above Earth waiting to kill us. Just explain to me what you have found.“

“The address,“ Rodney said.

Daniel explained, “The word itneras doesn’t mean anything. We thought it was a mistake. But when you reverse the letters themselves, they form new characters and those are making perfect sense.“

“Numbers,“ Rodney said in excitement. He grabbed the pen from Daniel and wrote under the characters. “1, 5, 7, 12, 25, 27, 38,“ he read.

Jack’s eyes widened. “An address. No, those are seven numbers. Shouldn’t there be six-“

”The other Stargate’s in another galaxy,” Daniel explained, ”We got it. Atlantis.”

Chapter 6
Carbon Copy Masterlist