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Stargate: Carbon Copy 8/12 (Fanfiction)


Word Count: 32.873
Summary: An alternate reality asks for Daniel’s help. Earth is surrounded by enemies: Ba’al forged an alliance with the Ori to conquer the planet. The last hope is the Lost City of the Ancients. Daniel, along with Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett, embarks on a mission to save the alternate Earth, not knowing that this adventure will change his life and relationship to his best friend forever.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Rodney/Carson
Rating: PG
Spoiler: Small ones for The Movie, The Enemy Within, In the Line of Duty, Seth, Point of View, Double Jeopardy, Meridian, Avenger2.0, Heroes, The Lost City, New Order, Avalon, Origin, Ex-Deus Machina, The Ark of Truth
Crossover-Spoilers: Stargate Atlantis: Rising, Hide and Seek / Stargate Universe: Air (blink and you’ll miss it)
Warnings: Torture, slash
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe and the characters appearing within them belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Carbon Copy Masterlist
Chapter 7


Daniel grimaced in pain when he was forced to his knees. Behind him, a Jaffa roughly took his rucksack. The bag joined Carson, Rodney and Jack’s in front of Ba’al’s feet. The Goa’uld still hadn’t spoken, but was looking at them with a smug grin.

Finally, he came a little closer. His voice sounded a bit distorted, a characteristic the Goa’ulds couldn’t escape from. And that was one of the things that let their followers think, the Goa’uld were gods.

“I must admit, I’m surprised by you just appearing everywhere I go.“

Jack pasted on a grin. “Well, we didn’t expect to come by today, I promise.“

Ba’al addressed a Jaffa standing guard near the door. “Bring her.“

The warrior nodded and left the room with quick steps. Ba’al scrutinized his prisoners. “Colonel Jack O’Neill.“

“I’m a general,“ Jack said, “I got a promotion.“

Ba’al laughed before he turned to Rodney. “Dr. McKay.“ Then he looked at Carson. “A new face.“

Carson stared at Ba’al, fear in his eyes and clear on his face. He couldn’t know much about him but Daniel was sure that he knew that Ba’al was the one besieging Earth.

“Your name?“ Ba’al asked.

“I …“ Carson swallowed deeply, looking at Rodney helplessly. Ba’al pulled a displeased face and seized a handful of Carson’s short hair, forcing him to look at him.

“I’ll get the answer. One way …“ He raised his free hand, showing Carson his golden glowing hand device. “… or another.“

The doctor stared at the device in fear. “Carson Beckett.“

Ba’al gave him a smile while Carson swallowed, trying to look into the Goa’uld’s eyes with determination. Finally, Ba’al let him go and Carson immediately ducked his head. Unconsciously, he pulled up his shoulders protectively. Jack and Daniel exchanged a look. Carson shouldn’t be here. None of them. How had Ba’al managed to capture them?

Ba’al stopped in front of Daniel and the archaeologist looked up to him. Surprise was clearly written on Ba’al’s face while he was scrutinizing Daniel. Then he narrowed his eyes furiously, grabbing Daniel’s sleeve. He dragged him to his feet. “What kind of trick is this?“ he asked angrily. Daniel didn’t answer but kept looking at him stubbornly. Ba’al let him go so suddenly that Daniel fell back on his knees. Ba’al stared at one of the Jaffa nearby. “Jaffa, kree!“

The man nodded anxiously and ran from the room. Ba’al stared at the four Ta’uri. “How is that possible? I killed you,“ he said.

Jack shrugged, a cynical smile curling his lips. “Magic,“ he answered. Ba’al backhanded him. Carson winced and Daniel hastily put a calming hand on his arm. Ba’al waited until Jack had wiped the blood off his lip and was looking up at him again.

“Tell me how this is even possible.“

When Jack stayed silent, Ba’al extended his hand and a Jaffa handed him his staff weapon hastily. Ba’al grabbed Daniel’s arm, dragging him to kneel in front of Jack, his weapon pointed at Daniel’s head. “Tell me or he dies,“ Ba’al hissed, activating the weapon, “again.“

Jack’s dark eyes stared at Daniel in fear. He swallowed and Daniel could see that he was hesitating. The archaeologist shook his head. “Jack, don’t …“

Ba’al pushed the weapon into his back, hard, and he cut off his warning.

“He came through a gate,“ Jack said softly and Daniel closed his eyes.

“A gate?“ Ba’al asked and Jack added, “From an alternate reality.“

The weapon hit Daniel’s back anew and he grimaced in pain.


A woman answered, “An alternate reality exists parallel to our universe. There are millions of them. The Ancients developed a gate through which you can travel between the realities.“

The four prisoners and Ba’al turned their heads in the direction of the door. A woman was standing there. Her fair hair was put up and plaited artistically. She wore a bright dress which hid her slim figure, but managed to accentuate it at the same time. The green eyes were cold, matching the unemotional smile on her pretty face. “A technology the Goa’uld don’t know,“ she added snidely and her warm voice was at odds with her cool appearance. “I’m surprised that the Ta’uri know it.“

Ba’al stepped up to her and Daniel was surprised to actually see him indicating a bow. The Goa’uld were posing as gods in front of their slaves and warriors. Ba’al taking a bow meant a lot since he was one of the proudest of his kind. “Kalina,“ he said, “as you can see, our plan was a success.“

“I see it,“ she answered, walking past Ba’al as if he didn’t exist. Her attention was on the four humans. Daniel knew that she had to be the Orici. His and Jack’s eyes met. The general was just as surprised as he was. Kalina focused on them only briefly, then she went to the rucksacks. A Jaffa hurried to open one of them and presented it to her. Kalina took a look inside, then she carefully got the ZPM out. “The Ta’uri seem to know so much more than the Goa’ulds.“ She looked at Ba’al. “That’s Ancient technology. An almost inexhaustible energy source.“ She stared at Jack. “That can only mean one thing. They found the Ancient base.“

Silence descended.

Jack cleared his throat. “So what? Did we win a prize for that?“


The cell door fell shut.

“I was expecting at least a cell for myself!“ Jack called after the Jaffa who had brought them here, then he pulled his cap off. Daniel leant against the wall next to the bars, his arms crossed.

Carson was standing next to him, looking at each of the other men uncertainly. The cell was small with black walls, and only illuminated by a light element on the opposite corridor wall. The door mechanism was directly beneath it. They could try to stick their arms out of the cell to reach it, but they didn’t have to. The corridor was too broad, they would never reach it. Rodney was walking around restlessly. “This is a nightmare.“

“Hey, I don’t like it either,“ Jack answered, “But we’re here.“ He looked at Carson with a calming smile on his lips, placing a hand on his shoulder. “And we’ll get out of here.“

Rodney crossed his arms, looking at his three fellow prisoners. “How did he do that? We dialled Earth.“

“You’re the expert,“ Jack answered.

“No,“ Rodney answered, “Dr. Rush’s the expert.“

“That sounded different when we were still earth bound,” Jack said. Rodney glared at him.

Daniel rubbed his tired eyes. “Okay. Kalina knows a lot about the Ancients.“

“All the Ori do,“ Jack answered.

“And the Ancients built the Stargates.“ Daniel shrugged. “I’m sure she can manipulate it.“

Rodney snorted. “Or Dr. Rush messed up somehow.“

Carson cleared his throat. “What will happen next?“

“We wait,“ Jack answered, “But don’t count on them being friendly.“

Carson stared him, frightened. Then he passed by Rodney into a corner of the cell and sat down on the floor. He supported his head with a hand and stared at the floor. Rodney looked at him pityingly. Jack stepped up to Daniel, putting a hand on his arm. “Are you okay?“

Daniel nodded. “Headache,“ he said. Then he sighed deeply. “Jack, you know what Ba’al will do now, right? He saw how you were reacting back there.“

Jack rubbed his forehead and then ran a frustrated hand through his grey hair. “I guess.“

“You can’t tell him anything. Even if he’s killing me.“

Jack pressed his lips together, avoiding Daniel’s eyes. Daniel ducked a little to be able to look at him. “Promise me,“ he said softly.

“Danny, I can’t.“

“You can,“ Daniel answered, “You are General Jack O’Neill. I’m not even … him. It would be stupid …“

He stopped when Jack placed a hand on the back of his neck.

“You are him, Danny. You look like him and you speak like him …“ He stared into Daniel’s eyes and Daniel became flustered at the mass of emotions he saw in them. Jack pulled him closer and Daniel thought for a moment that he would kiss him on the lips. Instead, Jack dropped a tender kiss on his forehead. “Danny,“ he whispered, “I have to bring you back to your Jack.“ He breathed in deeply, before he suddenly turned away.

Daniel watched Jack heading for the opposite side of the room and sitting down and followed him. He sat down next to him and, a little hesitantly, took his hand which was resting on the ground between them. “Thanks,“ he said softly, “But don’t do it.“

Jack was silent and Daniel rested his head against the wall, closing his eyes in exhaustion. Rodney stopped next to Carson. For a moment, he looked as if he wanted to say nothing at all, then he seemed to give himself a mental push. “You okay?“ he asked.

Carson looked up to him. “I’m facing imminent death.“

Rodney squatted down. “That’s … just wait for it, we’ll escape.“

“You don’t understand,“ Carson answered, upset, “I’m not good in things like this. I’m not one for adventure. I …“

“Hey,“ Rodney interrupted him, “you’ve been nothing but great until now.“

Carson looked at him in surprise. Rodney avoided his eyes, as if he was embarrassed.

Carson set to say something but then he shook his head.

“What?“ Rodney asked.

“Nothing,“ Carson answered, “just … thanks.“


Carson massaged his temples. “What’s taking so long?“ he asked and Jack stopped himself from shrugging. He would have woken up Daniel who was resting his head on Jack’s shoulder, asleep. Not too long ago, he’d been sitting upright leaning against the wall, but in his sleep he’d slipped aside until he was leaning on Jack.

Rodney was sitting beside Carson, staring at his trembling hands. “Hypoglycemia … oh God, I need food … soon.“

Jack rolled his eyes. He addressed Carson. “It’s an interrogation technique. Let them wait so that they can imagine just how bad it will be.“

Carson nodded his understanding, clasping his hands. They were trembling, too, but for a whole other reason. Steps echoed in the dim corridor and Jack nudged Daniel awake. He sat up, immediately alert. Jack got up when two Jaffa stopped in front of the cell. Both of them were black and bald, one was larger than the other one. Ba’al’s golden emblem was sparkling on the forehead of the bigger one, while the other was carrying it merely tattooed into the skin. Jack knew that he was standing in front of Ba’al’s first prime. They had already met. Daniel stood up and stepped next to him. “Teal’c,“ he said, surprised. It was strange to see Teal’c fighting for the Goa’uld. In Daniel’s reality, he was a part of the rebellion against them for so long now. The giant looked at him in surprise, then he disguised it with a furious expression. Daniel ducked his head.

Teal’c seemed to want to ignore him, focusing his dark eyes on Jack instead. “You, come with us.“

“Well, all you needed to do was ask nicely,“ Jack said with a false smile, waiting for the Jaffa to open the cell door. Teal’c grabbed his arm tightly and Jack smiled at Daniel in assurance. “Be right back.“

The door slammed shut and Daniel pressed against the bars to watch them go.

“Teal’c?“ Rodney asked.

Daniel rested his forehead against the cool bars. “In my reality, he’s on my team. He’s fighting against the Goa’uld.“

“Seriously?“ Rodney asked.

“He’s my friend.“ He turned around to face Carson and Rodney. “We could use that. We could try to make him see our point.“

“Are you nuts?“ Rodney asked, “He looks like he could kill me with only one hand.“

Daniel smiled cynically. “He could.“ He sighed. “But he’s intelligent. He doesn’t believe in the Goa’uld. He just needs allies.“

Carson perked up. “Could you do it? Talk to him?“

“You are nuts, too,“ Rodney said, “That guy’s evil with a capital E.“

“He’s a slave,“ Daniel answered, upset. He massaged his hammering head, stumbling when dizziness hit him.

“Daniel?“ Carson got up and came towards him. He seized one of Daniel’s wrists, taking his pulse. Daniel leant against the bars. “Is it getting worse?“ Carson asked softly and Daniel nodded. Carson helped him to the back wall and Daniel sat down. He leant against the wall. “You’re exhausted,“ Carson said, “Get some sleep.“

A short time later, Daniel had actually fallen asleep. Carson sighed, looking at Rodney who was sitting on Daniel’s other side.

“I’m confused. I have no idea what’s wrong with him. I know no illness that could cause these symptoms in such a short time. But then, I don’t know much about alien illnesses.“ He smiled helplessly.

“Could he be contagious?“ Rodney asked.

“Don’t worry,“ Carson answered, “if he is, you’re already infected.“

“Funny,“ Rodney answered.


Jack stumbled when Teal’c dragged him around a corner.

“Teal’c, huh?“ he asked, “Is your job paid good?“

Teal’c didn’t answer but dragged him further along the corridors. Jack heard the steps of the other Jaffa behind him. Teal’c stopped in front of a red door and pushed the mechanism on the wall. The door glided open silently and Teal’c pushed Jack into a room that was half as big as the 'Gate room. It was empty, adorned by a large panorama window on the back wall, which offered a view on Earth and the fleet of Earth ships. They were on a ship. Jack shuddered when he realized, that they were much closer to Earth than the other Goa’uld and Ori ships. In weapon’s range. He was just wondering why the system lord didn’t act on it. Ba’al was standing in front of the window, his hands clasped behind his back. Jack was led into the room a couple of steps further and then forced on his knees. Ba’al noticed Jack’s frightened look out the window.

“We are currently in orbit around your planet. We’re cloaked. I developed the new cloak myself, actually. I’m sure you can see that I could attack your fleet. Why am I not doing it?“

Jack raised his eyebrows. “Because you’re a coward?“ he asked.

Teal’c hit him with the staff weapon but Ba’al laughed, shaking his head. “In fact, I’m currently looking for something.“ He turned back to the window and looked down on Earth. “I know that somewhere down there is a mysterious Ancient base.“

“Hm,“ Jack said, “never heard of it.“

“You’re a bad liar. My sources tell me that it exists. I want to find it.“

Jack sighed. “I would help you if I could. Really.“

“In the base, there is a chair. That chair can help you to fight off any attacks on Earth. Tell me where it is.“

“Uh … no,“ Jack answered.

“I must admit that I’m impressed. You managed to modify your dialling device to be able to open the Stargate faster than I could. Where have you been?“

Jack stayed quiet.

“Where did you get the Ancient energy sources?“ Ba’al asked. Jack stared out the window and stayed silent. Ba’al smiled and nodded at Teal’c. ”Bring them.”

Chapter 9
Carbon Copy Masterlist