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Stargate: Carbon Copy 9/12 (Fanfiction)


Word Count: 32.873
Summary: An alternate reality asks for Daniel’s help. Earth is surrounded by enemies: Ba’al forged an alliance with the Ori to conquer the planet. The last hope is the Lost City of the Ancients. Daniel, along with Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay and Carson Beckett, embarks on a mission to save the alternate Earth, not knowing that this adventure will change his life and relationship to his best friend forever.
Pairing: Jack/Daniel, Rodney/Carson
Rating: PG
Spoiler: Small ones for The Movie, The Enemy Within, In the Line of Duty, Seth, Point of View, Double Jeopardy, Meridian, Avenger2.0, Heroes, The Lost City, New Order, Avalon, Origin, Ex-Deus Machina, The Ark of Truth
Crossover-Spoilers: Stargate Atlantis: Rising, Hide and Seek / Stargate Universe: Air (blink and you’ll miss it)
Warnings: Torture, slash
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe and the characters appearing within them belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Carbon Copy Masterlist
Chapter 8


Evan Lorne looked through the conference room’s large window down to the Stargate and bobbed up and down on his feet. He was a little overtaxed and nervous and tired. But he had to show strength since now, that General O’Neill was absent, he and Kawalsky were in charge of the SGC and QMC. The Stargate was deactivated and without the constant shimmering, which had been thrown against the back wall of the 'Gate room, the room seemed to be strangely empty.

General O’Neill and the three other men had been due hours ago. And now, Earth had a whole new problem to chew on.

Evan sighed. “Explain it to me like you would explain it to someone who didn’t study in Oxford.“

Nicholas Rush sat in one of the chairs behind him, rubbing his forehead before he brushed his long hair back with a hand. Evan could see his reflection and he knew that they were in trouble. Rush seemed to be beaten. That almost never happened.

“Ba’al infected our 'Gate with a virus. We can’t dial out. Our Stargate is useless. “

Evan turned around to face Rush. “All the addresses are … what? Lost?“

“No. But …“ Rush sighed. “Our software’s destroyed.“

“I get it,“ Evan answered, “We’re sitting ducks.“

Rush nodded, his dark eyes staring at a point behind Evan. No matter what Evan thought about Rush as a person – and that was not much, since the Scotsman was abrasive and moody –, he had to admit that he was brilliant. So, since Rush was at a loss, Evan knew that they were screwed – royally.

“What about General O’Neill and the others?“

Rush shook his head. “We’re unreachable. Our software’s destroyed. The 'Gate won’t react to a dial-in.“

“You’re working on it.“

Rush shook his head. “As it looks … don’t expect anything.“


Daniel, Rodney and Carson were forced to their knees. While Carson pulled up his shoulders protectively, looking at the floor, Daniel and Rodney were staring down on Earth through the window.

“Oh, my God,“ Rodney said.

Jack smiled at Ba’al. “He’s not talking to you.“ He seemed calm but Daniel could see how nervous he was. His brown eyes were narrowed, the posture tense. Jack’s eyes were resting mainly on Daniel and he tried to give him an assuring smile. Briefly, Jack smiled back. Teal’c was standing attentively behind the general, his hands clasped behind his back. In a corner of the room, a door opened and Kalina entered. She stopped near the wall and clasped her hands. Ba’al again indicated a bow in her direction, raising his eyebrows questioningly – offering her the interrogation. Kalina shook her head.

Ba’al turned back to his prisoners, a content smile gracing his features. “Well, General O’Neill,“ he said conversationally, stepping behind the three men kneeling a few feet away from Jack, “where is the Ancient base?“

“Hey, I’d like to know that, too,“ Jack answered. One of the Jaffa handed Ba’al a pain stick and he activated it, a warning.

Daniel couldn’t see Ba’al, but he could hear him and he knew that he was standing behind Rodney. “Where is it?“ Ba’al asked with a dangerous edge to his voice.

The forced humour fled Jack’s face. “I don’t know.“

Ba’al touched Rodney’s shoulder with the stick and light penetrated Rodney’s eyes and mouth as he started to scream. Carson flinched, staring at the scientist with terrified eyes. Daniel grimaced. He knew the effect of the device. It felt like fire. Jack was staring stoically at a point above Daniel’s head. Rodney whimpered when the pain finally eased, panting heavily.

“Rodney?“ Carson asked in panic, getting a kick to his ribs by one of the Jaffa in response. Daniel reminded himself that Carson was off-world for the first time - that he didn’t know this - and he tried to catch his eyes.

When the scared eyes focused on him, he nodded at Carson.

“Oh, God,“ Rodney muttered.

“Where did you get the Ancient energy sources?“ Ba’al asked.

“Wait a sec,“ Rodney pleaded when Jack opened his mouth to respond, “I’m not ready, yet.“

“We got them from a place called Oz,“ Jack answered, “The Wicked Witch of the West gave it to us.“

Daniel was tempted to laugh when Ba’al hesitated, obviously trying to gauge if Jack was telling him the truth. A new scream coming from Rodney convinced him that Ba’al hadn’t bought Jack’s lie.

“Rodney,“ Carson said hysterically when the other man collapsed, coughing. He touched Rodney’s shoulder, turning him on his back. “Rodney.“

“Get away from him,“ a Jaffa ordered, grabbing Carson by his jacket. Carson pulled away, wanting to lean over Rodney again, however Ba’al punished the movement with a touch of the pain stick. Carson collapsed next to Rodney panting, his arms wrapped around his head protectively.

Ba’al stepped behind Daniel. “Think about it, General O’Neill. I killed him once and I will …“ His words blurred together and Daniel got sick. His headache increased to a pounding which tuned out all noises around him and he was sure that Ba’al hadn’t even touched him.

Jack’s voice penetrated the fog. “Daniel?“ It was muffled as if it was coming from far away and Daniel didn’t have the strength to kneel upright any more.

He fell forwards, stopping his fall with his hands. Pain shot through his head, through his whole body, and he tried to scream but he couldn’t. A breathless whimper escaped him and everything went black.

He woke up only a second later, as he hit the ground, and all noises were back suddenly.

“Daniel! Let go of me.“

He opened his eyes and saw Jack who was held back by Teal’c and one of the other Jaffas. Rodney was lying unconsciously on the floor. Carson was staring at Daniel aghastly, his own pain seemingly forgotten. His eyes were showing a horror, Daniel couldn’t understand. Daniel raised one hand to let Jack know that he was awake.

“What is the meaning of this?“ Ba’al asked, his voice sounding strangely jarring. Daniel wondered what had happened. Ba’al usually wasn’t that easy to shake. The Goa’uld approached Jack with quick steps. “Tell me!“ When Jack didn’t answer, Ba’al backhanded him with the handle of the pain stick. Jack collapsed, unconscious. “Remove them!“ Ba’al ordered. Daniel was grabbed by one of the Jaffas and forced to his feet. His legs didn’t have the strength, yet, to keep him upright and he collapsed again. The Jaffa pulled him up roughly and Daniel managed to keep his feet under him. Jack and Rodney were both unconscious and were dragged away by Jaffas. Daniel was pushed forwards and stumbled into Carson who was also pulled to his feet.

“What was that?“ Carson asked and Daniel shook his head, at a loss. He couldn’t look at Carson. His focus was caught by Teal’c. Their eyes met and Daniel recognized confusion in the dark depths. He was pushed around a corner, then, and lost the visual contact.

“Teal’c,“ Ba’al said sharply, pulling the big Jaffa back to reality. He accepted the pain stick. Ba’al was more upset than Teal’c had ever seen him. Something swung in the tone of the Goa’uld that he had never heard before from his God, fear.

He was also confused. When the young prisoner had broken down, he’d thought that Ba’al had used the torture device, but the Goa’uld had taken a frightened step backwards.

Kalina’s melodic voice was speaking, “Let me try the next time.“ She seemed unimpressed by what had just happened. But ... Teal’c had never seen something like that before.

He was just as disturbed as his God.

“We’ll take the weak one. Then we’ll get the answers we want.“

Ba’al didn’t answer. He was staring at the place where Daniel Jackson had knelt.

Teal’c knew what he was seeing in front of his inner eye because he was seeing it, too. It had almost looked like Daniel Jackson’s body would blur and then ... Teal’c shook his head. It had looked as if a man who was looking like Daniel Jackson had tried to escape from his body.

And Teal’c wondered whether this occurrence was connected with the prisoner who was in the cell just a few feet down the corridor from the four Ta’uri.


Carson leant over Rodney in worry, when the scientist groaned softly.

“Rodney?“ he asked. His hands were still trembling and the echo of the pain the torture device had caused was reverberating through his joints and muscles.

They were burning whenever he moved. But it had to be even worse for Rodney, so Carson sucked it up. That didn’t stop his panicked mind from asking him what in the hell he’d thought by going through the Stargate.

He wasn’t made for these missions. Rodney squinted at the ceiling. “Ow,“ he said, “that hurt.“

“Rodney, are you okay?“ Carson asked.

Rodney sat up carefully, Carson helping him.

“Aside from a headache from hell, and the feeling as if someone …“ He closed his eyes. His head was pounding, his bones, his muscles … everything was burning. “I don’t know an analogy that fits.“

Carson smiled briefly. Rodney squinted when the room started to sway dangerously. “I think I’m gonna be sick.“

“Please don’t,“ Jack answered and Rodney opened his eyes only a little to look at him. Jack sat leaning against the black wall, his lip was bloody and he was sporting a cut over his eyebrow. The wound didn’t bleed any more but dried blood was sticking at his temple and cheek. Rodney wouldn’t have expected Daniel to be able to look even worse than he felt but he did. The archaeologist was sitting next to Jack. He was pale, cold sweat covering his face. Jack had put an arm around him and Daniel’s head was resting on his shoulder.

His eyes were closed. Rodney couldn’t say whether he was unconscious or awake until Daniel moaned softly, tensing up as if he was fighting against a cramp.

Carson caught Rodney’s shocked look. “He’s getting worse.“

Rodney tried to massage his headache away. “What did I miss?“

“Nothing,“ Jack answered, “Ba’al brought us back here before he could get his answers.“

Rodney frowned. “Why?“

Jack tightened his hug. “The entropic cascade failure thing freaked him out.“

“What?“ Rodney asked, shocked. Jack just shook his head, avoiding his eyes. He focused on the corridor. A strangely empty look that Rodney knew somehow was in his eyes.

Carson’s voice was sounding disbelieving and rough as if he wasn’t sure what had happened. “It looked as if … it looked as if another Daniel …“ He stopped helplessly.

“ECF. I saw it once. I know what it looks like,“ Jack answered.

Rodney shook his head. “General, that’s impossible. Doctor Jackson’s dead.“

“I know,“ Jack answered loudly, “I’m the one who was at his funeral. But, McKay – it was ECF.“

Rodney raised a calming hand. “Okay, let’s say it is … why did the symptoms take so long to show?“

“They were there the whole time,“ Carson answered, “Daniel got headaches approximately 48 hours after he arrived in this reality.“

Jack and he seemed to have talked a lot about this while Rodney had been unconscious. “The symptoms developed pretty slowly, don’t you think?“

“Maybe because Danny was too far away. Maybe the distance played a part. McKay, our only experiences with ECF were in situations where the ones suffering it met each other. It could be possible.“

“That means that Dr. Jackson’s still alive,“ Rodney deduced. Jack nodded. Rodney suddenly recognized the empty, desperate expression in his eyes. Shortly after Dr. Jackson’s death, he’d seen it on Jack’s face. And although Rodney wasn’t one for donating comforting words, he said, “We couldn’t know, General. You couldn’t know.“

Jack shook his head. “How?“ The answer was as simple as it was terrifying.

“Ba’al was experimenting with clones for months. We know that,“ Rodney answered. Carson stared at him in surprise, but he fought down his curiosity.

“So he could’ve cloned the other team members as well. He did all that … why?“ Jack asked.

“Maybe to prevent us from trying to rescue them,“ Rodney said.

“If he’s still alive,“ Jack said, “he could be here.“

Rodney nodded. “Since three months.“

Jack leant his head against the wall and closed his eyes. He pulled Daniel closer and swallowed. When he thought about what his boyfriend could have been through these past months, he felt sick. And not just Daniel, but the team that had been with him. The SGC had just given them up.

And now, another Daniel could die because of it. Daniel groaned and pressed against Jack.

“Shh,” the general said softly.

“Jack?” Daniel whispered.

“Yeah, everything’s going to be okay,” the general tried to calm him down.

“I never told you … never …”

Jack brushed a hand through Daniel’s brown hair.

“Let’s try,” Daniel said.

“What?” Jack asked. Daniel opened his eyes, looking up at him but his eyes were feverish and Jack suspected that he had no idea whom he was talking to.

Jack bowed his head and dropped a kiss on Daniel’s forehead. ”Sleep.”

Daniel pulled Jack’s head down further and kissed his lips. Jack broke the kiss, startled. “Danny …,” he said. Daniel closed his eyes and shook his head.

He lost consciousness.

Chapter 10
Carbon Copy Masterlist