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Torchwood / Warehouse 13: Ariadne's Thread 13/15 (Fanfiction)

Ariadne's Thread 13/15

Word Count: ~ 31.000
Summary: An accident in the archives lands Torchwood agents Jack and Gwen in an alternate dimension, where they unexpectedly meet the Warehouse 13 agents Artie and Claudia, swept away by an artefact as well. To survive, the two organisations need to join forces: Ianto and Rhys travel to South Dakota while the castaways try to outrun a deadly enemy.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Claudia Donovan, Arthur Nielsen, Ianto Jones, Steve Jinks, Rhys Williams, Myka Bering, Pete Lattimer, Leena, Mrs. Frederick, Trailer, OCs
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Pete/Kelly Hernandez (hinted), Artie/Vanessa Calder (hinted)
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler: Something Borrowed, Exit Wounds / Doctor Who: The Sound Of Drums
Setting: after Exit Wounds
Crossover: Warehouse 13
Crossover-Setting: after Lovesick
Crossover-Spoilers: The New Guy, Lovesick
Warnings: Mention of canon character deaths, language
Contains: Canon slash
Author's Note: This is quite literally a product of a dream I had. And then I thought that those two shows wouldn't make a bad match. And so, this happened.
Beta: larsinger29 and EmrysofWriting, thank you. :)
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-shows Torchwood and Warehouse 13 and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Chapter Twelve
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Jack ran down the aisle towards the office, Artie just behind him, keeping up well despite the tiredness hanging on his features. Too bad the Minotaur had chosen them to chase. It was behind them, roaring and running, its steps stomping down the aisle behind them. There was still some space between the being and the men, though, so Jack felt positive that they were going to make it. They reached the end of the aisle, stumbling into the open space beneath the office’s balcony and there it was. It was like a picture hanging in the air, showing a part of the Warehouse that looked more like the one Artie and Claudia had described to them than the one they were trapped in right now. He saw movement on the other side and then a brunette woman with long hair, who ducked behind a low wall of crates – a makeshift defence against the Minotaur. Jack thought that it was kind of ridiculous to expect to be safe behind some wooden crates, but then again, they didn’t know what they could be up against. He ushered Artie forward, who had started to hesitate at the sight of the portal, and pushed him through.

Gwen and Claudia chose that moment to approach from the other direction. The Minotaur was getting closer. Jack pulled his Webley. ”Get through, hurry! I’ll be right behind you.”

Gwen looked startled. ”What are you doing?”

”Testing a theory.” He turned away, leaving Gwen and Claudia to find their way through, and stared at the Minotaur in determination. It ran towards him and roared, lifting one claw to strike. Jack screamed, ”Stop!”

To his surprise, the Minotaur paused, hesitated.

Jack used that to his advantage. ”We can give you a way out but you have to stop.” Jack kept looking the Minotaur straight in the dark eyes and there was something there that he knew too well. ”You’ve been a prisoner here for far too long, haven’t you? It’s time that you got out, but I can’t let you go when you’re dangerous.”

The Minotaur stared at him and Jack wondered where it came from. It reminded him of Abbadon and other creatures he’d heard of. Creatures who were part of legends and truths as different as the cultures telling them. But one thing was always identical: Those creatures were prisoners, chained in the core of planets, banned in the Rift between time and space. Marked as monsters. But if there was one thing he’d learned, there was hardly a being out there who didn’t have a vulnerable side, who didn’t crave compassion in some way.

He tried a hesitant smile. ”Believe me, I know how it feels,” he said. ”Being chained, alone, for a very long time. Being buried for even longer. I know.”

The Minotaur looked at him, its bull face seemed thoughtful, its eyes sad.

Jack stepped closer. ”The question is, are you too far gone?” he whispered.

For a long moment, none of them moved, then the Minotaur’s eyes hardened again and it raised its claw anew, something feral and deadly in its eyes when it struck. Jack barely managed to duck away, backing up towards the portal … and running into someone. He turned around, grabbing Claudia’s arms to keep her from falling. ”What are you still doing here?” he asked, shocked.

”I … Jack!” she screamed. He saw it coming from the corner of his eye and grabbed Claudia, pushing her out of the way. The claw caught him straight into the chest and that was the last thing he felt before he died.


“Artie!” Pete called in relief, watching him stumble through the portal. He waved him closer and Artie hurried over to join them behind the crates, looking over his shoulder every now and then to check on the portal. Pete was happy to see that Artie seemed unharmed, just tired.

Myka was a bit more enthusiastic and pulled him into a quick hug. ”You okay?” she asked.

”Just fine.”

Leena hugged him as well. “I’m glad.”

Steve nodded at him before he focused his attention on the portal again, just like Rhys, who was muttering something under his breath that sounded like “come on, come on, already”. Pete turned his attention back to the portal as well. He could only see a small part of what was going on on the other side: A man in a blue coat was stopping a few feet from the portal, waving frantically. Then a woman and Claudia appeared. The woman immediately ran through the portal and Rhys leapt up from his hiding spot.

She flew straight into his arms and they ducked again, still locked in their relieved embrace. But the woman – Gwen, Pete reminded himself – soon broke away and looked towards the portal in concern. ”Where’s Claudia?”

Looking stunned, Steve answered, ”She hasn’t come through.” Pete followed his confused gaze and saw Claudia standing with her back to the portal, watching something happening that they couldn’t see. The man in the coat had vanished from sight.

Artie got up abruptly. ”What the hell is she waiting for?”

Pete realized what he was about to do and grabbed his vest. ”Hey! Don’t.”

But Steve got up as well. ”Why hasn’t she come through yet?”

He made for the portal, but Rhys managed to reach his arm and pulled him back behind the crates. ”What are you doing?”

”I’m going to get her.”

Gwen shook her head. ”You have no idea if this is only one-way and there’s a Minotaur waiting on the other side. You can’t go there.”

And then suddenly – while Pete was still trying to remember what exactly a Minotaur was – it had crossed through the portal and was standing there, towering right in front of them. It was tall enough to almost reach the high ceiling, its body was that of a man but the head … that of a bull … and it looked straight at them.

”Oh, crap!” Pete said. He grabbed his Tesla but the small stun gun seemed highly inappropriate in the face of something like this.

”Bloody hell,” Rhys echoed Pete’s sentiment.

Pete looked around but there really was nothing close by that could take out a big monster. He glared at Artie. ”You insist on keeping the harmless artefacts close to the office, now see what that gets us.”

”Yes,” Artie replied, irritated, ”I should have expected a Minotaur to turn up in the Warehouse!”

It stepped towards the group and Pete was just about to suggest running when a loud bang was heard and the Minotaur jerked. It turned around. Blood was flowing freely from a sizeable wound in the back of its head. It groaned, looking at the balcony to Ianto who was carrying a ridiculously huge gun and the expression of someone determined to face death. He shot a second time and the Minotaur collapsed, burying the portal underneath its body. The crunching noise left no hope of the technology having survived and the Warehouse’s power briefly dimmed before surging back to life.

For a moment, all of them were quiet.

Then Steve asked breathlessly, ”Did anyone see what happened to Claudia?”

Gwen whispered, ”They didn’t come through.”

Rhys put an arm around her shoulder. ”God, I hope so.”

Pete found himself hoping the same because the only place they could be at the moment was underneath the massive body of the Minotaur.

The stunned silence was broken by Ianto’s hurried steps on the stairs leading down and Artie’s angry voice. ”What did you do?”

”It was going to kill you,” Ianto answered.

”But Claudia’s still trapped over there!”

”We’ll find another way to reach her.” Ianto rearranged the gun to hang at his back. It still looked too big for a human. Maybe it hadn’t been created for one.

”How dare you-”

Artie was interrupted by Gwen putting her hand on his shoulder. ”He’s right. It was getting ready to kill us all.”

Artie stared at her. ”What about Claudia?”

”He said we’ll find a way and we will. On the plus side, the Minotaur is no danger over there any more. That gives them new possibilities.”

Ianto threw Gwen a grateful look and she pulled him into a tight hug.

Softly, he asked, ”Jack tried to stop it?”

”You know Jack,” Gwen answered with a smile.

Rhys patted Ianto’s shoulder. ”We’ll get him back, mate.”

Artie turned to Myka. ”Who is that idiot?”

Before Myka could answer, Steve said, ”That’s Jack’s lover. He wouldn’t have shot if he’d seen another way out. He was telling the truth. That thing was about to kill us.” They looked over at the Torchwood team. Gwen was hugging Ianto again, kissing his cheek firmly. Ianto turned away, staring at pieces of the broken device littering the floor. He crouched down and folded his hands, leaning his forehead on his entwined fingers. He was absolutely shattered, Pete realized. He really wouldn’t have taken the shot if there had been any other way. Artie seemed to see that now as well, because he turned away and rubbed over his beard, probably trying to come up with a new plan already.

Ianto got up and kicked one of the parts. It slid over the floor and stopped close to Leena. She was sitting next to the Minotaur’s head and her hand was carefully carding through the thick, dark hair of its bull’s face. Pete frowned and joined her, putting a hand on her shoulder. ”Alright?” he asked.

Leena looked up at him and there were tears in her green eyes. ”Its aura,” she whispered. ”It was so tortured and lonely that its aura was …” She stopped and got up, reaching for Pete with a sob. Pete pulled her into his arms, his fingers tangling in her dark curls. ”The saddest aura I’ve ever seen,” Leena whispered. ”And then, when Ianto shot it … it was happy.”

Pete stared at the Minotaur. ”You think it attacked on purpose, so that we’d kill it?”

”I think it would have continued to attack until somebody would have.”

Chapter Fourteen
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