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Torchwood: Galaxy Quest (11)

Galaxy Quest (11)

Word Count: ~37.000
Summary: Eight years ago, the actors of the popular sci-fi show Galaxy Quest were heroes – these days, they can't escape the shadow of the roles they played, even though the show has been cancelled. When an alien race mistakes them for real heroes fighting evil and seeks their help, they quickly find themselves in a fight that goes way over their heads. To survive, they have to overcome their differences and conflicts of the past, but pride is something that's very hard to swallow ...
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, John Hart, Gwen Cooper, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Mathasar, Sarris, Laliari, Teb, Eugene Jones, Carys, Annie, Lahnk, OCs
Pairing: Ianto/John Hart, Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Torture, mention of partner betrayal, language
Beta: danian and czarinakitty, who did a great job under time pressure. Thank you both!
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv show Torchwood as well as the movie Galaxy Quest and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.
This is a work of fiction. No similarities to the private or public lives of the Torchwood actors are intended, even though there are references to the fictional characters they played in other productions.

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Chapter Ten



Eugene was startled out of his work when there was a knock on his bedroom door and his mother entered. ”Eugene, darling,” she said, her eyebrows raised disapprovingly. “Garbage.”

”Mother, I’m quite busy,” he answered and focussed back on gluing a sonic cannon to the outside of the NSEA Torchwood model he'd spread out on his desk.

”Eugene, don’t make me ask you again.”

He rolled his eyes. ”Just ten more minutes. Okay, Mum?” He looked up at her pleadingly. “I promise.”

”Great.” With a small smile, she left.

Eugene just shook his head with a sigh and held another sonic cannon under the magnifying glass, applying glue to its end. That was when he heard a soft beeping sound he'd never heard before. Then another, the rhythm becoming steadier. He frowned, glancing at his mobile.


One look around his small, cluttered room didn't reveal anything that could be causing the noise either. At least not at first glance. It took him a few minutes, but finally, he was able to track the source of the noise to his bedside table drawer. He opened it carefully, blankly staring at the replica of the long-range communicator he kept there.

Eugene frowned. It was just a toy, just Galaxy Quest merchandise, it shouldn't be able to make any noise. He picked it up.

That was when a male voice sounded. ”Hello? Anybody there?”

Eugene stared at the device and looked around the bedroom and towards the closed door, expecting some kind of prank from his older brother. Nothing indicated that, though.

”Hello?” the voice in the communicator asked again.

Hesitantly, Eugene answered, ”Hello?”

”Got him,” the voice said and then, ”Listen to me. This is Jack Harkness. I play Captain Peter Quincy Taggart, NSEA Torchwood. We accidentally traded communicators the other day when we bumped into each other at the electrics store.”

Eugene's eyes widened. ”Oh!” Now, he recognized the voice. It was impossible, somehow, but Jack Harkness was actually talking to him via the toy communicator. ”Oh, Captain, I see!”

”What’s your name?”

He sat on the edge of his bed. ”Eugene.”

”Eugene! I remember you, from after the convention, right? You asked all those little technical questions about the ship ... and I was a little short with you.”

Eugene grimaced. ”Yes, I ... I know, Captain, and I actually want to ... I just wanted to tell you that I ... I realize that you're an actor and very busy and … you must be annoyed by fans asking all those questions about things that aren't real and such.”

”It’s okay. Now listen ...”

Eugene shook his head. ”I want you to know that I don't take it personally. Just because we know every fact about a fictional world doesn't mean you have to. I just always got the impression that you enjoy it just as much.”

”Hold on, wait a minute-”

”I know that the ship's not real or the crew or your adventures.”

”Wait a minute. Stop!”

He bit his lip.

”Brace yourself because what I'm going to say is absolutely true: It’s all real.”

Eugene jumped into the air and laughed. ”Oh, my God! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!”

”The crew and I are in a lot of trouble and we need your help.”


“Sometimes, I miss the show,” Tosh said softly, peering around a corner carefully. They hadn't met one of Sarris's men yet and she was starting to suspect that most of them had returned to their mother ship after they'd taken control of the Torchwood.

Owen looked at her in disbelief. ”You miss the show? Really?”

She nodded. ”Well,” she amended then, ”the beginning stages at least. Being new on the team and doing something popular and loved ...”

Owen scoffed. ”Until Jack cocked it up.”

”We all did,” Tosh replied. ”I think. I mean, yes, he outed Ianto at that press conference … I think that was only the end of it. The team wasn't all right long before all that. You and Jack were fighting for lines and screen time, Gwen was demotivated, Ianto grew bitter when he learned that Jack tried to get him written out of the show after their break-up, I felt uncomfortable all the time. We started out appreciating the show for giving us this great opportunity and ended up resenting it.”

Owen was quiet for a long moment, then he said earnestly, ”You didn't resent it. You never hated it. You were the only one who cried when they announced the cancellation.”

Tosh ducked her head and leaned back against the corridor wall, pausing for a moment. Owen was staring at her intently, leaning closer to speak softly. ”You never forgot a line and you did your research on your technical stuff … you actually loved it. That's why you were so easy-going about all this at the start.”

Tosh shrugged, slightly embarrassed.

She was caught by surprise when Owen placed a chaste kiss on her lips, freezing at the unexpected gesture. Her heart hammered against her chest when she turned her head slightly to lean a bit more into the kiss. Owen pulled back and smiled at her. ”That's what caught my attention from day one.” He winked and walked on. ”Come on, Tosh!” he called when she didn't follow immediately. ”We've got Thermians to rescue.”

She felt a blush rise in her cheeks and gave sigh before she quickly followed him.


Jack looked around, making sure that the corridors around them were empty. He held the vox up to his lips. ”All right. We’re at level C, hallway five. Now what?”

”Um ...” Eugene hesitated. ”Go to weapons storage, second door on your left. And that leads to a system of utility corridors through the bowels of the ship.”

Jack walked a few steps down the corridor, Ianto directly behind him, and stopped in front of the door to the weapons storage. ”Open,” he ordered and the mechanism obeyed immediately. Jack let Ianto pass through first and followed him inside.

The door closed, sealing them inside a small, dimly-lit room lit with many shelves and the countless stun guns laid out on them. Ianto waved him closer and pointed at a hatch in the floor. “That it?” he asked.

Jack shrugged.

”You know,” Eugene said, ”I’m going to get Carys via Skype. She knows the utility tunnel system better than anyone else alive.”


John glanced at the small monitor in the corridor, showing the barracks, and turned his back immediately. ”They're still choking,” he said with a grimace, clutching his stun gun tighter.

They had reached the level of the main barracks unhindered but now were stopped by the presence of a few of Sarris's men who'd taken position in front of the main barracks. There was no way they could walk past them without being seen.

Gwen glanced around the corner once more, as if the soldiers could have vanished in the meantime. She turned to him with a grimace. ”All we have to do is get them away from there.”

“Yeah,” John said sarcastically. ”Easy.”


Carys smiled as soon as the video chat opened. ”Hi, Eugene.”

He made an effort to calm his heart from racing a bit when he saw her. Carys was a pretty girl with long, dark-blonde hair and soulful blue eyes who'd always looked at him as if he was someone special. Girls usually didn't have much time for Eugene, but Carys was different, and he'd spent the last few months trying to work up the courage to ask her out on a date.

But this wasn't the time.

”No time for pleasantries, Carys,” he said. ”We have a level five emergency. You still have the utility systems walk-through, right?”

She nodded and typed away on her laptop. ”Yeah. I’ve got sectors one through twenty-eight. I think Annie has the upper levels.”

”Great. I’ll get everybody online.”


They'd crawled through the hatch and were now standing in one of the low, narrow maintenance entries of the ship. In front of them, several ducts were branching off, all of them just high enough to crawl through. It was pretty obvious that they'd have to use one of them to reach the ship's core. Jack wasn't looking forward to that. And judging by Ianto's expression, he wasn't either. Jack cleared his throat. ”All right, Eugene. I see five ducts in this room. Which way do we go?”

”Enter the second to your right. And just continue straight for 50 metres.”

Ianto muttered, ”Ducts. Why is it always ducts?”

Jack remembered the episode in which Laredo had got stuck in one of them and had almost died due to radiation poisoning. Ianto had confessed to him once that he suffered from a slight form of claustrophobia and that shooting that episode had been one of the worst jobs of his life. Thus, it wasn't surprising that he hesitated for a moment before crawling into the duct. Jack climbed in behind him.

It was dark.

”We should have brought a torch,” Jack tried a joke but Ianto just gave a huff. Soothingly, Jack brushed his fingers against Ianto's and felt him hold onto his hand for a moment. Then, Ianto started to crawl into the darkness. The metal was cold under Jack's hands while he followed him. ”50 metres,“ he said after a while. ”We should be almost there.”

In that moment, Ianto gave yelp and then a choked scream. Jack grabbed for him instinctively and caught an ankle. In the very second he realized that Ianto was in fact falling, he was already pulled over the edge as well. They tumbled down the steep incline, Jack hitting his head several times and their limbs tangling, before finally coming to lie at the foot, groaning.

They were at kind of a crossroad, with several new ducts branching off. A weak light was flickering on the ceiling.

Eugene's voice sounded into the silence. ”Uh ... there will be a slight drop.”

”Thanks for the heads-up, Eugene,” Jack said sarcastically.

Ianto opened his eyes and cursed. ”What the hell? That construction doesn't even make sense!”

”You okay?” Jack asked, worried.

Ianto nodded and Jack patted his shoulder, helping him to sit up.

“Right, Eugene, what next?”


“Sleeping with Jack was a mistake,” Gwen said.

John's eyes widened when he actually processed what she'd said in one of the most inconvenient moments in the history of awkward confessions. ”Okay, I … acknowledge that you said that.”

She shrugged, leaning back against the corridor wall. ”Just wanted to say it in case I don't survive.”

John swallowed. ”Well …” He huffed a breath. “If you look at it like that … when I got together with Ianto, I knew that he was still in love with Jack.”

Gwen turned her head to look at him. ”Really?”

John shrugged with an embarrassed smile. ”I just kind of hoped ...”

Gwen's features softened. ”For what it's worth,” she replied. ”I think Ianto was hoping the same.”

She took his hand and squeezed gently. ”Now, what are we going to do about those guards?”

Chapter Twelve
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