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Looking For A Beta Reader

I'm looking for a beta reader who could help me out with my reel_torchwood story.

Title: Fuck Yu, Shakespier! (Those aren't typos)
Fandom: Torchwood (obviously), some Doctor Who characters thrown in
Pairings: Jack/Ianto (slow development), Jack/Gwen (on the side as a friendship thing), Jack/Alonso (hinted, also on the side)
Rating: Will at the very least get an R, might be bumped up to an NC-17

Preliminary summary: When hardened criminal Jack Harkness finishes his prison sentence, he discovers that the money he stole during his last bank robbery is now buried underneath a new school gym. To gain access, he becomes a substitute teacher and learns that prison is nothing compared to facing a class of educationally disadvantaged students. Faced with a real challenge for the first time in his life and his attraction to the overly idealistic teacher Ianto Jones, Jack almost forgets about his primary goal. But his old life comes back to haunt him when his former partner-in-crime John Hart turns up, threatening to blow his cover.

Now, for the warning part: The story is based on a German movie called "Fack yu, Göhte" (No typos here, either), which is mainly known for its crass language among youths, but also from adults towards youths and the other way around. Teaching is not seen as a warm and fuzzy job here.
What else do we have? Prostitutes and mention of prostitution, strip bars, violence, references to drug abuse, alcohol, discussion of suicide, verbal homophobia.
Yes, this is a comedy. It won prizes.

I don't have big trouble with brit-picking, but if there's someone who knows youth language (specifically in the UK), that would be great - though it's not a 'must have'. Other than that, I just need the usual grammar check and everything else that comes to mind while reading.

Deadline: Submission is on September 17th, I'm planning to finish writing by the 3rd. I can start sending chapters when they're done, though, so a headstart is possible.

Any assistance helps. :)