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Stargate Universe: Daughter (Fanfiction)


Destiny's Faces (Masterlist)
Summary: She couldn’t do anything here … she was useless … and she was getting desperate because of it. That was her problem. She was useless.

Pairing: Chloe/Matt (mentioned)
Spoiler: Air
, Light, Earth
between Light and Time

Beta:  sheneya - thank you!
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Stargate Universe and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Destiny's Faces Masterlist

She missed her small apartment in Washington, her large couch and her bed in particular. She missed her job which was always a challenge without making her the centre of attention. Chloe missed her mother, her friends and of course her father. Sometimes, she sat in front of the shuttle in which she had lost him for hours, listening to music or just thinking. She had always been able to talk to him, had always had a better relationship to him than her mother and she believed that he was still listening to her.


Matt had nodded, smiling sadly, when she’d told him about this theory. Then he’d told her about his parents and the priest, who’d raised him and that he was visiting the graves of the three only people who had ever been interested in him on a regular basis, just talking to them. Chloe had never been very Christian or very religious at all. She’d never believed in an afterlife.


But she’d never believed in aliens or spaceships either. The life on the Destiny overtaxed her in a way she had trouble coping with.


She was used to a tough job, the aggressive press, the boring receptions in the White House and the long nights in front of the computer to prepare election campaigns.


She couldn’t do anything here … she was useless … and she was getting desperate because of it.


That was her problem. She was useless.


She wasn’t a scientist or soldier, it was her first offworld visit, she didn’t have any survival training. She was the daughter of the senator, no more, no less. She’d felt so out of place after her father’s death, so alone that it had hurt.


Then there was Eli.


He seemed to feel out of place also, although he was a scientist. Chloe knew, that the others didn't accept him because of his young age and they were full of mistrust because of Eli’s good relationship with Colonel Young. To make matters worse, he was insecure when dealing with people unless it had something to do with maths. 


Chloe had always been a little shy too, unless she was working.


With Eli, she found somebody she could talk to and who seemed to understand her. She could also talk with Matt but he was always distracted and he had his priorities straight - his job came first, then Chloe.


She was not angry because of that - after all, she’d left her old life, her friends and her boyfriend because of her job - but she knew that she could find a considerably more attentive listener in Eli. There was a difference, too, whether she spoke with her boyfriend or with her best friend. She didn’t talk about the nightmares with Matt, she had the feeling that she would only make matters worse for him.


Since they’d thought that Destiny would fly straight into a sun, Chloe was tormented by the idea how death would have felt. Rush’s words only made the ideas worse and sometimes, Chloe wished she’d never asked him how they would die.


When she woke up bathed in sweat, tears in her eyes and trembling in her far too cold quarters, she didn’t go to Matt. He was feeling guilty enough for leaving her on the Destiny while he was rescuing himself. She couldn’t tell him about the nightmares, they would only make matters worse for him.


Chloe left her bed, once more wishing that Rush would finally get a grip on the heating system. It was warm in the gateroom, on the observation deck and in the canteen but most of the accommodations and labs were cold.


Chloe shivered and quickly put her shirt and the trousers on before she wrapped herself into her thin fleece jacket and coat. The bright pink of the coat was stained with dirt and scabby dust. She kept it for the days she was really cold but mostly, she settled for the fleece jacket which she’d brought to the Icarus base in her travel bag.


She was glad that her bag had found the way to the Destiny during the evacuation by chance, maybe because it had still lain in the gateroom when the attack had started and simply was thrown through the puddle. She gave a couple of jeans and tops to scientists whose clothes had been torn up during the flight, only holding onto the jacket, two trousers and two tops for herself.


Chloe let her fingers brush over the rough substance of the coat, thinking of her father who’d given it to her. Then she opened her door and left the room.


In space was always night. The group had established a day rhythm which was adhered to by everybody.


Since it was officially night at the moment, there was nobody in the corridors or in the canteen. Two soldiers would be sitting in the gateroom, guarding it, and TJ would be sleeping in the infirmary, always ready to help. Chloe suspected that Rush was also still awake, working in the control room. Normally, Eli could be found with him but Chloe knew that at the moment, he’d be asleep in his room.


Sleep seemed to be one of the things that Eli could only do without in an extreme situation and since Destiny was flying safely in FTL at the moment, there weren’t in danger.


Eli’s accommodation was the KINO room.


Chloe couldn’t really understand his fascination with the small cameras but she liked the documentary he was making. Every time he cut new material into it, she watched it. Out of boredom, she’d started to write the Voice-Over to the pictures which would give the film the last kick as soon as they got back to Earth. It gave her something to do and she was a professional with neutral texts.


She came out of her thoughts when she heard steps coming towards her. Greer turned around the corner, coming from the canteen in full gear, apparently making his nightly round. He frowned when he saw her. “Miss Armstrong,“ he said.


Chloe nodded at him, forcing herself to smile. She didn’t particularly like Greer, he intimidated her without ever having threatened her. He was always polite to her, to every woman on board in fact, it was the men who contradicted or irritated him, that he got into brawls with.


Chloe had heard of his lacking self-control and of Wray’s aversion towards him. She seemed to think that he was too unstable. Chloe was willing to believe her whenever she looked into his eyes. Something was waiting in there, he didn’t seem to be too bad however, since he didn’t like Spencer, who Chloe hated, mainly because of the way he looked at the women, and because of the threatening stares he sent Eli’s way.


“Are y’all right, Miss?“ Greer asked, pressing his weapon against his chest, carefully pointing it to the floor.


“Fine,“ she answered, “I’m on my way to see Eli.“


“I’ll accompany you,“ Greer suggested.


“That’s not necessary.“ Chloe shook her head.


“It’s my pleasure, Miss.“


Chloe hesitated for a moment, then she nodded and walked down the corridor beside him.


“We have no idea what’s still waiting for us on this ship. It isn’t very smart to be out alone at night, Miss.“


Chloe had the vague feeling that Greer meant the word Miss rather mockingly than respectful. As if he wanted to call her Missy.


“I think this area’s secure. We’ve been here for days,“ she replied with a cool tone and Greer grinned.


“Says Rush. I wouldn’t trust ’im.“


“Who says that I do?“


“Just sayin’, Miss.“


They arrived in the corridor in which Eli’s quarters were situated, and Greer stopped. “Night, Miss Armstrong.“


She nodded at him, but he only left when Chloe had arrived at Eli’s door.


Chloe had tried to convince Eli to move into another room. His door was stuck like those of several rooms on this level. Nobody knew why the mechanisms were wedged, the doors simply stood open constantly. Eli had said no, he preferred the KINOs to another room and when Chloe had argued that somebody could just come in and steal his laptop, he had shown her a KINO in a ventilation shaft that was watching the room.


It wasn’t too dark in the room, a dim light came from the console and from the corridor, allowing Chloe to safely navigate without stumbling over Eli’s shoes, empty cups and bowls. Eli’s room was a glaring contrast to Chloe’s. Where she was overly orderly, he was chaotic and where she had a double bed, he had made room for his sleeping bag on a broad wall projection.


Chloe leant over her friend, shaking his shoulder. “Eli?“


“Hm?“ he asked. Then he sighed, turning onto his back. “They canceled, mom,“ he muttered in his sleep, “It wasn’t my thing anyway.“




He opened sleepy eyes. “Chloe?“ He sat up, looking at her in concern. “You okay?“ She nodded, then she shook her head. “Nightmare?“ he asked.


Chloe sat down on the empty space beside Eli’s knees and propped her elbows up on her thighs. “Yeah.“


“Are you cold?“


She nodded and Eli lifted the sleeping bag up which he was using as a blanket. “C’mere.“


She glanced at him hesitantly and he rolled his eyes. “No funny ulterior motives.“


Chloe nodded, she got up and took off her coat, then she crept under the sleeping-bag and slipped closer to Eli when he made room for her. It was warm and more comfortable than Chloe would have suspected and she put her head on Eli’s shoulder and an arm around his chest. She could feel his breath and hear his heartbeat and though she had the feeling that it was beating a little too fast - as if he was excited or nervous - it was calming. “How bad?“ Eli asked and his voice was sounding strangely rough.


“Bad,“ she said. The tiredness came back with the warmth. She wondered for a second whether she was cheating on Matt in some way when she was cuddling up to Eli like this, but she didn’t think so. Eli was a friend - the best she’d ever had. No more and no less.


“I’m having them, too,“ Eli answered.


“What are they about?“ Chloe asked.


Eli put an arm around her, sighing deeply. “Home, mom’s certainly upset about me not being with her.“


“What happens?“ Chloe asked.


Eli hesitated for a second, his heartbeat speeding up, then it was beating slower and when he spoke, Chloe knew that he was leaving something out. “She gets sick.“


Chloe nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I’m dreaming about my mom sometimes, too, she’s crying because of dad.“


“I had those kind of dreams when I was a teenager.“


“Did your dad die?“ Chloe asked cautiously.


“No, he left. Mom was … crying for weeks, she had … problems during that time. She’d lost her job because of something … that wasn’t her fault.“


“That’s sad,“ Chloe said.


“Yeah. But she got a new job and -- everything was getting better. Well, it was never the same again, of course.“ He got quiet and Chloe was silent also. Apart from their breaths, only the quiet humming of the FTL drive could be heard.


Chloe closed her eyes. “We should get some sleep.“


“Yeah,“ Eli answered.


“Thank you for listening,“ Chloe whispered.


“You’re welcome,“ he answered.


Just as she was about to fall asleep, she felt a kiss brush her forehead and she smiled.




JJ 01/10

Destiny's Faces Masterlist
Complete Fanfiction Masterlist

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Jan. 15th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
The lj-cut is working.

and the fic is still good.
Jan. 16th, 2010 09:53 am (UTC)
Such a sweet ending! Great friendship fic. ^_^
Jan. 16th, 2010 02:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.
Aug. 12th, 2010 10:15 am (UTC)
This is a nice friendship fic between Chloe and Eli. And I like how even if Chloe is someone he's so devoted to, he doesn't want to give out the details of his mother's illness.
Aug. 12th, 2010 11:28 am (UTC)
Thank you. :)
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