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Dinner and a movie (2)

Series: Eight ways Charlie and Ian got together … and one they didn’t 4/9 (Masterlist)
Word Count: 2.663
Summary: He avoided Ian's eyes, obviously nervous. ”So ...” He quirked a smile. ”Date interrupted.”
Characters: Ian Edgerton, Charlie Eppes
Pairing: Charlie/Ian Edgerton
Rating: NC-17
Spoiler: Spree, Two daughters
Setting: after Two daughters
Warnings: Uh ... lots of sex! *blushes and runs away*
Author's Note: Written for the re-watch challenge on sniper_voodoo : August – Two daughters. Okay, this is the most porn I have written in EVER. And I'm NEVER going to write porn again in the living room because my mom sneaking up on me, asking “What'cha doing?“ is really killing the mood (and me). This story is supposed to be a make-up gift for all those readers who wanted a hot and heavy sex scene and they didn't get one in the previous parts.
Feedback: Can’t breathe without it.
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Numb3rs and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Part 1
Eight ways Charlie and Ian got together and one they didn't Masterlist


Ian packed the last of his things and checked if everything was ready for his departure the next day. The case had been solved. Crystal was dead, Megan was safe and he'd been called to help out with a case in San Francisco. He regretted that he and Charlie wouldn't have the time to work out whatever was between them. At least not for a while. Ian collapsed on his bed and stared at the ceiling. His cell made a short sound, alerting him to a text message. Ian sighed and sat up, wondering who would text him that late in the evening. He grabbed the cell from the nightstand and opened the message.

Wanna meet?

Ian raised his eyebrows. Even though the message seemed casual, he could only imagine how much courage it must have cost Charlie to write him. He answered:

U sure?


The park. Where we were interrupted.

Ok. C ya.

Ian grinned. ”Perfect.”


Charlie was already there when Ian arrived, sitting on a bench. ”Hey,” he said and smiled.

Ian answered with a smile and stopped in front of Charlie. ”So,” he began and Charlie got up slowly.

He avoided Ian's eyes, obviously nervous. ”So ...” He quirked a smile. ”Date interrupted.”

”Yeah. And the timing was horrible,” Ian agreed. Charlie nodded and shoved his hands in his jeans pockets. Ian realized that he had no idea what to do or how to behave around Ian. It reminded him of Charlie's inexperience and he decided to take the lead. He caught Charlie's chin with his hand and leaned down to press a close-mouthed kiss to his lips before he smiled at him, giving him a chance to move away. Charlie looked at him, nervous and insecure, then he got up on the tips of his toes and kissed Ian, wrapping his arms around Ian's neck. Ian pulled him closer, opening his mouth and letting Charlie's tongue explore. Ian felt his cock taking notice and broke the kiss reluctantly. He looked down into Charlie's dark eyes. ”Come back to my-”

”Yes.” Charlie smiled and nodded in affirmation. ”I'd love to.”


“I have no idea what I'm doing,” Charlie admitted when Ian pinned him to the door gently and rained kisses on his neck.

”You're smart,” Ian answered with a smile. ”Just go with the flow. I think you'll get the hang of this pretty fast.”

”What if I don't?” Charlie asked and stared at Ian, a sudden flare of panic showing in his brown eyes. ”What if I'm rubbish at this?”

”It's sex.”

”Exactly. I'm rubbish at sex.”

”Who told you that?”

”No one. I just … know,” Charlie answered.

Ian cupped his hands around Charlie's face, looking firmly into his eyes. ”Okay, you're panicking. It's good that you're doing it now. We can get it out of your system and move on.” Ian pressed a kiss to Charlie's forehead, then to his lips, coaxing his mouth open and deepening the kiss. Charlie's hands grabbed Ian's shirt to pull him closer. Ian asked, ”Feel good?” Charlie nodded. Ian looked into his eyes and grinned triumphantly. ”This is your first time with a guy. It's okay to freak out a bit but you wouldn't look that dazed after just a kiss if you didn't want to do this. Am I right?” Ian's hand slipped under Charlie's t-shirt and the younger man gasped when the agent's fingers brushed over his nipples. ”You want me to stop, I'll stop,” Ian promised. ”Just say the word.”

Charlie looked into his eyes and nodded. ”Alright.”

Ian smiled and pulled Charlie's shirt over his head to drop it on the floor of his room.

Charlie's hands were shaking slightly, but he held onto the seams of his courage and helped Ian to lose his shirt. Ian's chest was broad and hairless and perfect. Charlie placed his hands just under Ian's shoulders. Ian leaned down and kissed him passionately again, pulling Charlie closer and opening his jeans. Charlie's hands brushed over Ian's ribs down to his jeans. There, he hesitated. Ian smiled at him and positioned one of his legs between Charlie's, pinning him to the door. His thigh was pressing against Charlie's crotch and the younger man gasped. Ian took Charlie's hand in his and encouraged him to open his jeans. ”You can do nothing wrong,” he said and Charlie smiled nervously. Ian kissed his cheek. ”I don't want you to hesitate.”

Charlie's fingers opened the button and pulled the zipper down. Ian kissed him again and adjusted his position to slowly shove one hand into Charlie's open jeans. He was delighted when Charlie mirrored the movement. Charlie gasped when Ian touched his cock through the fabric of his underwear and Ian gently bit his shoulder before kissing him again. Charlie closed his eyes and let Ian have every shaky breath he exhaled. His fingers found the hard cock of the agent, cupping it gently. He'd always wondered about guys, feeling attracted to them in much the same way he felt attracted to girls. He would do this even though he was a bit scared. He would let Ian do this.

When Ian started to move his hand, just teasing Charlie, he mirrored the movement and whimpered. Ian moaned and pulled his hand out of Charlie's jeans, instead sliding it into his own and helping Charlie to find the perfect way to touch him.

”Sorry,” Charlie whispered.

Ian shook his head. ”Don't.” He smiled reassuringly. ”Let me help you but don't be embarrassed about it.” His hand went back into Charlie's jeans. Charlie was doing it just right now and Ian gasped. His free hand brushed through Charlie's hair, tangling in the dark locks and holding him in place to kiss him roughly. He gauged Charlie's reaction to the rather aggressive kiss and was relieved when the younger man was eager to return it. But it wasn't enough. Ian was surprised when Charlie was the first to withdraw his hand and tugged Ian's jeans down. Ian stepped back and kicked off his shoes before he pulled the jeans off himself, then his underwear and socks, watching Charlie do the same, if a bit hesitantly. Then they were standing naked in front of each other. Ian took Charlie's hand and pulled him over to the bed to make him sit down in the middle. He knelt in front of him to kiss him again, before he pushed him down on his back and went to kiss his belly. He spread Charlie's legs and settled between them, before he locked their eyes together. ”Remember, just say the word.”

Charlie nodded.

”And relax,” Ian grinned. ”No pressure.” He dipped down and licked one of Charlie's nipples, making the professor yelp in surprise and then moan. One of Charlie's hands brushed through Ian's hair. Ian swirled his tongue around the hard nub and bit down gently, making Charlie jerk and gasp. One of his hands curled around Charlie's erection, slowly jerking him off.

”Oh, dear … oh god,” Charlie panted. Ian grinned and kissed his way down Charlie's chest to his navel. Charlie bit his lip. ”Ian, please ...” He bent his knees and pushed his heels into the bed, arching his back to get closer to Ian's hand and Ian's mouth – to Ian's body.

Ian grinned and scraped his teeth over the smooth skin of Charlie's belly, tasting sweat and arousal. ”A man of few words in bed,” he teased. ”Who'd have thought?”

Charlie sent him a mock-glare and Ian laughed. He held Charlie's hips down with one arm and licked, nipped and kissed his way down towards Charlie's crotch. He kissed the base of Charlie's cock, buried his nose in the dark curls for a moment before licking from the base to the head. Charlie cried out softly and tried to buck his hips up but Ian was holding him down. Charlie slapped the bed in frustration with one hand and grabbed the sheets with both when Ian teasingly licked around the head of his cock. His legs tried to wrap around the agent but Ian's position was awkward and when one of Charlie's knees almost hit him in the head, he pinned his legs to the bed with his forearms and held Charlie's hips down with his hands. Then he swallowed Charlie's cock in one go, making the younger man bite his lip to stifle a scream. Charlie didn't know whether he should cry or urge Ian on. He could barely move with Ian's upper body pinning him down like that and was forced to take whatever Ian deemed he should get. Ian hollowed his cheeks and Charlie arched his back. ”Ian ...”

One of his hands released the sheets and awkwardly petted Ian's bobbing head to get his attention. ”Ian … I can't … I'm gonna ...” And then he came with a moan. Ian swallowed, holding him down until Charlie's breathing was slowing and his body became limp and pliable. Then Ian let go of Charlie's cock and kissed his pubic bone. He slid up Charlie's body to brush his sweaty hair off his forehead. Charlie's eyes were closed and Ian kissed his damp forehead and his cheek before coaxing his lips open with his tongue to kiss him deeply. His own still hard cock was nestled between their bodies. Charlie returned the kiss lazily and tasted himself on Ian's tongue. He frowned and then smiled a bit. ”Strange,” he muttered.

Ian laughed softly. He reached out a hand to open the drawer of the nightstand and pushed the bible aside to get to the lube and the condoms he'd stashed there after his arrival. He was always prepared. The thought made him grin. ”Good?” he asked, looking down into Charlie's eyes.

”Oh, yes!” the younger man answered enthusiastically. ”Awesome.”

”Awesome?” Ian echoed with a smile. ”I don't think I have ever been called that before.”

”Good,” Charlie said. ”Then I'm the first.”

Ian opened the tube of lube and coated his fingers while they talking, then he slid his hand between their bodies. ”Let me show you the really awesome bit about gay sex.”

Charlie raised his eyebrows. ”Okay.”

Ian kissed him again and touched Charlie's crotch with the back of his hand to avoid startling him. Then slipped his finger between Charlie's ass cheeks and penetrated him. Charlie flinched and frowned but he continued to kiss Ian nonetheless, trusting him. Ian broke the kiss to look into Charlie's eyes when he added a second finger, wanting to be able to see his reaction. Charlie pulled a face. ”That's …”

Ian nodded. ”Strange?” he asked. Charlie bit his lip. Ian smiled. ”Good? Or bad?” he wanted to know.

”I haven't made up my mind yet,” Charlie answered. Ian added a third finger and Charlie's eyes widened. ”Hurts a bit.”

”That's okay,” Ian answered. He frowned in concentration and twisted his fingers a bit, searching.

”Okay, it's not bad,” Charlie said, ”but I'm not sure if it could be called awe ...” The word ended on a choked groan and Charlie's hands scrabbled for Ian's shoulders. Ian felt the younger man's cock harden again.

He grinned. ”There it is.” He touched Charlie's prostate a second time and the younger man gasped, his nails digging into Ian's shoulders. ”Good?” Ian asked.

”Awesome,” Charlie panted and arched his back. ”Oh God!” Ian withdrew his fingers and Charlie glared at him. ”Keep going.”

”Well, as much as I like being a gentleman,” Ian said, ”I'm painfully hard, too. And I didn't even come yet.” He smoothed a condom over his cock.

Charlie pulled him into a sloppy kiss. ”Sorry.”

”It's okay,” Ian soothed. ”I was joking.” He settled one of Charlie's legs on his shoulder. ”I'm not gonna lie to you,” he said. ”This is going to hurt a bit.”

Charlie nodded and reminded himself of his decision to do this no matter what.

Ian guided his cock to Charlie's entrance and pushed the tip through the tight ring of muscles. Charlie cried out softly and screwed his eyes shut. Ian leaned over him and brushed his damp hair back from his forehead. ”It's okay,” he said soothingly. Charlie's leg slid from his shoulder to wrap around Ian's chest. Ian nudged his cock inside a bit further and soothed the pained frown on Charlie's forehead with the fingertips of his right hand. The left was gripping Charlie's hip, keeping him from moving away. He slid in a bit further.

Charlie opened his eyes. ”It … hurts,” he said.

”I know.” Ian pulled Charlie into a kiss and slid the rest of the way in, swallowing a pained sound. ”Sorry,” he whispered. ”How does it feel now?”

”Uh … like I have a cock up my ass,” Charlie tried a joke. Ian laughed. Charlie stroked his cheek. ”Feels strange but not all that bad.”

”Let's see what I can do about that,” Ian said and pulled out a bit before sliding in again, hitting Charlie's prostate.

”Oh,” Charlie panted. Ian tangled his hand in Charlie's hair and wrapped the other one around his cock. Then he kissed him and thrust again. Charlie jerked and grabbed Ian's shoulders.

”Good?” Ian asked.


Ian could see that Charlie was still feeling pain but it was outweighed by arousal. He jerked Charlie off in time to his thrusts, taking care to kiss him breathless. Charlie was constantly moaning softly by the time Ian had built a steady rhythm and was picking up the pace. Charlie pulled him down for another kiss and started to move his hips in time to Ian's thrusts. Ian knew that he would be a quick learner. He panted and allowed himself to let go a bit, thrusting harder and faster.

”Ian,” Charlie whispered and then he arched his back and came, his orgasm tipping Ian over the edge as well.

They lay there panting, before Ian pulled out gently and disposed of the condom. He fell onto the bed next to Charlie and turned his head to look at him. ”Awesome?” he asked.

Charlie grinned. ”Really cool,” he answered.

Ian raised his eyebrows. ”Cool?” Charlie laughed and Ian felt compelled to kiss him. ”You're mad, professor. That's what you are. Mad and … way too young for me.”

”You're not that old.”

Ian laughed. Charlie turned on his side and hesitantly wrapped an arm around Ian's chest, tucking his head under the agent's chin. Ian stroked his back with one hand, the other entwining with Charlie's fingers on his chest. Ian could feel that Charlie wanted to speak but held back.

”What is it?” he wanted to know.

”Just …” Charlie sighed. ”Did you go out on a date with me for this?” He raised his head and looked at Ian. ”Not that I'm complaining but ...” He shrugged.

Ian shook his head. ”It wasn't just about sex.”

Charlie smiled. ”Good. So … we'll see each other the next time you're around?”

”I think I found a reason to come around a lot more often,” Ian answered. He brushed some sweat-damp locks from Charlie's forehead. ”Let's just improvise … see what happens.”

Charlie tilted his head to the side. ”Dinner, movies, that kind of thing?”

”Yeah,” Ian nodded.

”And sex?”

Ian laughed. ”Lots of sex.”

Charlie laid his head down again and sighed deeply. ”Awesome.”


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Eight ways Charlie and Ian got together and one they didn't Masterlist

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