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Stargate SG-1: Deleted (Fanfiction)


Series: Sharing (Masterlist)
Summary: Sharing a tent: Jack and Sam!
Pairing: a hint of Jack/Sam
Rating: PG
Setting: Season 4
Feedback: Can’t breathe without it.
Beta: sheneya  - thank you!
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Stargate SG-1 and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Sharing Masterlist


The small paper ball made an elegant curve over the abyss between the two sleeping-bags and landed on Sam’s laptop keyboard with a soft thud.

Sam sighed and her irritated gaze found the eyes of her shamelessly grinning attacker.

“Colonel?“ she asked.

“Carter?“ he answered.

“Sir, are you bored?“ she asked with an irritated smile.

He shook his head. “I’m fine.“

Rain was knocking on the tent’s ceiling and outside and he could hear Daniel and Teal’c talking.

The last three weeks had been fairly boring.

A meeting with the Tok’ra, an exchange of diplomatic niceties and the ever-growing stack of folders on Jack’s desk had interrupted his days which consisted of doing what he wanted to do and waiting for Hammond to order him to work through the mountain of paperwork. Surprisingly, the general’s tolerance was growing with every month that went by.

And within the last three weeks, Jack had looked forward to an event which meant everything to him. The national baseball finals. Jack was a hockey fan but he hadn’t wanted to miss this tournament of the best baseball teams of America.

Of course, Daniel had tripped on the way back to the Gate, falling into the ventilation shaft of an underground cave. It had taken three minutes for the archaeologist to answer their worried calls and even then, he had had to think about his name for a minute to remember it.

Then, the team had mastered a difficult rock climbing adventure down to join their youngest member and Jack had been reminded of the age difference between Sam and himself - again.

The reminder that Teal’c, being 50 years older than Jack, had been faster than the colonel wasn’t pleasant either.

But the day had gotten even worse when Daniel, even though he was fighting a headache and nursing a head wound, had just vanished in the large maze of walls covered in antique drawings. And even after the routine “Didn’t I tell you a gazillion times to not just run away?“-speech, he managed to make Jack’s day worse: He wanted to stay until Tuesday to record the findings.

That had been the day before yesterday. Tomorrow was Tuesday. And the finals were today. Jack flicked another paper ball to Sam.

She pushed the ball off her keyboard with a casual movement and sighed. “You’re bored.“

“I just think you should have told Daniel that Fraiser had to take a look at his head,“ Jack moped.

“It wasn’t necessary,“ Sam answered.

“You should have,“ Jack said.

Silence descended.

Sam kept working.

Jack peeked over her shoulder at the laptop screen. “Are you inventing a new secret code?“ he asked.

“No,“ Sam smiled, “that’s basic wormhole physics.“

“Hm. Basic,“ Jack answered, lying back down on his sleeping-bag.

“Sam?“ Daniel called from outside.

“Come in!“ she answered.

He zipped open the tent and nodded at Jack before he tipped his dripping boonie lower.

“It’s raining, isn’t it?“ Jack asked.

Daniel pulled a face and addressed Sam. “Can I borrow you for a minute?“

“Sure,“ she answered, “What’s up?“ She got up and left the tent with her rain cape.

“Not much. I just thought you should take look at some drawings that Teal’c thinks look like Asgard devices.“

The tent closed. Jack looked to the entrance, then at Sam’s laptop. After a while, to the entrance again. “Hm.“ He grinned, pulling the laptop closer. He started to type a short text and then put his name under it. Satisfied, he pressed the enter key two times.

The laptop gave a reluctant peep and promptly started to rattle off numbers.

“Oh!“ Jack said and when he heard Sam’s voice coming closer, he hastily hit escape.

The screen went dark, showing only a word blinking red:


“Oh!“ Jack repeated.

“Colonel?“ a gentle voice asked.

He looked up and into Sam’s blue eyes.

She was smiling that smile. “You won’t find Packman on it.“

“Uh ...“ He couldn’t answer. He had just deleted the work of a whole day. He had deleted Sam’s work. He was already dead. Sergeant Roger had left her laboratory in tears after he’d dropped one of her microscopes once.

Sam turned the laptop around. “Oh … my ...“ Her voice faded away.

Jack tried to apologize. “Carter-“

“That stupid thing. I should have just taken the other one with me.“ She cursed in words that had even Jack blushing, then she looked at him. “It had a virus. I thought I had removed it but a week ago, it started all over again. Crap.“

Jack let go of the breath he’d been holding.

Sam sighed. She removed the diskette. “I hope it made a backup copy.“

Jack nodded. He hoped, too.


A few days later, Jack received an e-mail. It came from Sam. He started to read, recognizing his own words typed on Sam’s laptop:

You wanna go fishing with me? Jack

Sam had written an answer:

Yes. I’m free next week.

Jack frowned. He wasn’t. Hammond was expecting visitors from the Pentagon and Jack’s obligation as 2IC was to be present. And Sam knew. He grinned and wrote back:

Someday, you’re gonna come with me.

The answer was:

As long as you won’t kill my laptop.

JJ 02/05

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