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The Enemy Within

Word Count: 41.485
Summary: Following Ianto's betrayal, Jack thinks that the team may be broken for good. He tries to heal the mental wounds while being unable to quite forgive Ianto himself. When the team is faced with a threat using mental powers to gain access to Torchwood, none of them realize that the enemy is already among them.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams, Myfanwy, OCs
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OC, Owen/OC
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler: Day One, Cyberwoman
Setting: after Cyberwoman
Warnings: Language, really short dub-con (kissing) but nothing beyond the boundaries of the show
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Torchwood and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Chapter 9



The next morning brought a splitting headache but as soon as he'd convinced his neighbour to leave her husband after another fight he'd heard through his paper thin walls he felt great. And he'd done a good thing, too: the guy was a jerk and she was too beautiful to be with him.

The Hub was quiet the whole day, everyone immersed in their own projects or paperwork. But the over-all mood was good. Jack let them go home a little earlier and Owen decided that he should put his project of getting Ianto a girlfriend into motion.

He left the Hub through the tourist office where Ianto was doing paperwork.

”Hey, mate! You want to go to a pub with me?”

Ianto looked at him as if he wasn't sure that Owen had been talking to him.

”C'mon, Ianto, don't say no. Tosh has a date and Gwen's going to the movies with Rhys. And Jack's ...” Owen hesitated. ”... doing whatever he does when he's having fun.”

”He informed me that he would spend some time on the roof of the Millennium Centre,” Ianto answered.

”Whatever,” Owen said. He made a conscious effort not to manipulate Ianto. The last thing he needed right now was another psi shock.

”Alright,” Ianto said. ”But I have to stay on-call. Jack's not sure if the intruder will be back.”

”Mate, we're always on-call.”


Turned out that Ianto was in fact good company when he wasn't in the Hub working. He'd left his suit jacket and tie in his car and was wearing his shirt untucked over the suit trousers. He laughed and joked, telling stories about Jack misbehaving during UNIT conferences which Owen was sure he wasn't supposed to know. Owen enjoyed the evening … except in those few minutes when he didn't.

”What was that about?” he asked in irritation when Ianto returned from the bar with two pints and sat down.

”What?” Ianto asked, clearly puzzled.

”The girl. She's the third one you've turned down tonight.” And even though Owen felt happier than he'd ever been after using the stone on the women, he was a bit frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm Ianto was showing.

Ianto stared into his beer.

”Oh!” He shrugged. ”I don't fancy her.”

”She's gorgeous. And she's interested in you.” Owen had made sure that all of the women he'd let approach Ianto had been showing interest without him interfering. He liked to think that he was just giving them a push in the right direction.

”She is gorgeous,” Ianto nodded. ”All of them are. I … just don't fancy them.”

”Okay,” Owen relented and looked around. He spotted another pair of interested eyes focussed on Ianto.

”What about him, then?” he asked. Tall and handsome, with blue eyes and a dazzling smile. He looked a bit like Jack.

Ianto blushed.

”What's it with you?”

”I just want to help you get a sex life.”

”I don't need a sex life,” Ianto answered.

Owen raised his eyebrows.

”Mate, everyone needs a sex life.”

”Well, I don't.” Ianto stared out the window.

Owen sighed.

”Is this about Lisa, then?”

Ianto didn't answer.

”Or is it about Jack?”

Ianto shook his head.

”I'm tired. See you tomorrow.” He left the pub before Owen could stop him. The doctor cursed and grabbed his jacket before following him.

Ianto was just putting on his coat and entering a small alleyway that would lead him back towards their cars.

Owen grabbed his wrist about half-way along the deserted street.

”Ianto, seriously … that thing with Jack won't work out.”

Ianto stared at him.

”What? Owen, this is not about Jack at all. I just … I don't feel comfortable dating at the moment. Now let it go.” He turned away.

Owen lost control.

”Ianto, stop.”

Stop, damn it!

Before he could stop it, he slammed against Ianto's barriers. Red-hot pain struck him and he heard a choked scream from Ianto. He gasped and closed his eyes, stumbling against a wall. It hadn't felt like that the last time, had it? Why now, then?

The pounding behind his eyes got worse and he fell to the wet pavement. He was hurting, he just wanted it to stop and retreat, but he couldn't. It was as if he couldn't control himself and suddenly, there was a new feeling bubbling up. Owen gave a helpless laugh as warmth and happiness flooded him. He didn't know how but he knew that he'd managed to make a crack in Ianto's barriers and it was widening and it felt so good to try and destroy Ianto's shield. It was like a game, really. He felt Ianto try to push him away but Owen didn't let him.

”Gonna get you,” he whispered. He felt stronger than the last time he'd tried this. Maybe that was why it hurt, because he was getting closer to breaking Ianto's barriers. The crack was getting wider and Owen heard Ianto sob and suddenly, he realized what he was doing.

He was hurting him.

”Stop it.”

But he couldn't. He got dizzy, he got … 'high, dear God, just like a junkie' and it felt so good.

But he couldn't do it. It was destroying Ianto. It took all his effort to retreat and he choked on a sob as darkness descended. The last thing he heard was a voice inside his head that sounded suspiciously like Ianto's but so much weaker and broken.

Who are you?


Tosh smiled at Delwyn when he parked in front of her apartment building.

”Thank you,” she said.

He grinned.

”No problem.” He cut the motor and turned sideways in his seat. ”So ...”

”So …,” she answered slowly.

He smiled.

”I'd like to see you again.”

She blushed.

”Yeah, well ...” She didn't know how to say this. He was incredibly nice, a real gentleman, holding doors open and such, he was handsome but … he was plain boring. Tosh had caught herself thinking about her problem with the computer program at work more than once. And that didn't seem right.

”You know, I …” Her cell phone rang and she smiled apologetically. ”I think I'll have to take that call.”

There was only one person that could be calling at this time of night.

He shrugged.

”I'll wait.”

She looked at the display and took the call.

”Jack, what is-”

”I got a distress beacon from Ianto. I need you now. Where are you?”


”I'm almost at Gwen's. I'll pick you up in ten.” He disconnected the call.

Tosh looked at Delwyn.

”It's an emergency. Work, you know.” She opened the door.

”Hey! I'll call you, okay?” he asked.

Tosh didn't have the heart to tell him no without having the time to properly explain why. Her worry for Ianto was clouding everything at the moment. She thought that she could endure one more date before gently rejecting him.

”Sure.” She slammed the door and watched Delwyn drive off.

She waited on the curb until the SUV screeched to a stop beside her, then got into the back seat and powered up the computers surrounding her.

”I'm tracing his beacon,” she said and while the computer was searching, she found her earpiece in her bag and received her gun from Gwen who was in the passenger seat. Jack was already driving towards the city centre on a hunch at break-neck speed.

The beacon was a device a little smaller than a cell. They all carried one. It was only used when they didn't have the chance to use the cell to call for backup. Usually, that meant that whatever it was, it was really bad. That's why Jack wasn't going alone after Ianto. Distress beacons called for the whole team.

”Where's Owen?” Tosh asked.

”He's not answering his phone,” Gwen said when Jack gave no sign of answering. ”Maybe he's with Ianto.”

”Well, in that case, got them,” Tosh said and started to give directions.


Owen pushed the button of the distress beacon again for good measure. He couldn't be sure that Ianto had already done it. But if he had, Jack and the others would be there soon and with them his emergency bag stashed in the SUV.

He brushed a trembling hand through his wet hair, not aware of the falling rain or the cold wind.

”Come on,” he whispered and enclosed Ianto's hand in both of his. ”Keep breathing. That's it.” There wasn't much he could do. The syringe with the Tiramin was in the SUV and psi shock couldn't be treated any other way. Torchwood One had been trying to find a more reliable therapy but then Canary Wharf had happened.

He checked Ianto's pulse, glancing at the pale face with the half-opened unseeing eyes and cursed.

”Keep breathing. Keep breathing.”

Screeching tires and fast footfalls, then Jack's voice.

”Tosh, get Owen's bag.” Jack knelt down beside Owen and looked into Ianto's eyes.

”It's happened again,” he said.

Owen nodded.

”He's alive. Only just.”

Ianto's breaths got shallower every minute and his pulse weaker. Owen was sure that with CPR, he could bring Ianto back if he stopped breathing but with psi shock, there was another danger. The longer they waited for the injection, the bigger the danger was that Ianto wouldn't wake up anymore.

Psi shock attacked the brain like a poison. The over-active reaction to another mind in one's head was immediate. When the intruder was banned or withdrew, the brain froze, overwhelmed and damaged by the mind's panic reaction. The Tiramin helped to get the BP elevated to battle the body's symptoms and there was an antidote in it Torchwood One had managed to develop after they'd encountered an alien drug. It helped to treat the psi shock itself, stopping the brain from shutting down completely, instead forcing it to just fulfil basic functions for a few hours. That resulted in drowsiness and the victims slept while the brain was recovering.

Jack had said that in some galaxies, getting into another one's mind was an art. Owen could understand why. The more subtle an intruder was, the less the victim's mind and body was damaged. Intruding without killing. Intruding without anyone the wiser. The ultimate weapon. But Owen knew that he wasn't subtle. It took years of training to make mind control an art. In comparison, he was just playing around – with Ianto's life on the line.

Tosh shoved Owen's bag into his hands. He opened it and located the correct syringe. Jack had propped Ianto up against his chest and was holding both his hands enclosed in his. Owen knew that time was running out. He went for the not so elegant solution and jammed the syringe into Ianto's thigh. The archivist didn't even wince, caught in his mind's panic attack. They waited. There was nothing more they could do. With the rain falling down upon them, no one was able to see Owen's tears.

Chapter 11


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Oct. 18th, 2010 11:37 am (UTC)
this chapter has me just as shell shocked as poor ianto.
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