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The Enemy Within

Word Count: 41.485
Summary: Following Ianto's betrayal, Jack thinks that the team may be broken for good. He tries to heal the mental wounds while being unable to quite forgive Ianto himself. When the team is faced with a threat using mental powers to gain access to Torchwood, none of them realize that the enemy is already among them.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams, Myfanwy, OCs
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OC, Owen/OC
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler: Day One, Cyberwoman
Setting: after Cyberwoman
Warnings: Language, really short dub-con (kissing) but nothing beyond the boundaries of the show
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Torchwood and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Chapter 10



Ianto gasped awake and screamed out. He scrabbled for a hold, something, and found hands that were clutching back, reassuring him and anchoring him.

”It's okay,” he heard someone say. He was cold and for some reason, he was wet, too. He whimpered when he saw dark shadows moving around him and closed his eyes. His head was turned gently, he smelled wet wool and he knew that Jack was there. With that knowledge, he drifted off.

Gwen looked around the deserted alley, brushing wet strands of hair out of her face.

”We should leave. Get him somewhere warm.”

Jack nodded and shifted his hold, picking Ianto up carefully.

”I'll be in the back with him,” Owen said. Gwen thought that he was strangely subdued but maybe he was just worried.

”Alright,” Jack answered. ”Tosh, you too.”

She nodded.

The SUV was warm. Owen dug a blanket out from under the passenger seat nevertheless and covered Ianto who was sleeping with his head on Tosh's thigh and his legs curled between Tosh and Owen's bodies. Her fingers were carding through his hair gently.

Jack waited until Owen had buckled up before he started the car.

”Tell me what happened,” he said.

Owen had dreaded this moment.

”There was … I don't know really. One second he was okay, walking beside me, the next … he wasn't.”

Jack glanced into the rear-view mirror.

”Did he say something?”

Owen swallowed.

”We were … kinda arguing.”

”Arguing? What about?”

”Is that important?”

”I guess not,” Jack relented and sighed deeply. ”This is a problem. We can't detect the use of mental abilities and we can't protect Ianto.”

Gwen looked at him, clearly shocked.

”But there has got to be something we can do.”

”No, there isn't,” Jack answered. ”Believe me. I know. The only thing we can hope for is for Ianto to be able to identify the intruder.”

”Is that possible?” Gwen asked.

”Two minds merging into one, Gwen … not only is the intruder in Ianto's mind but Ianto is in the intruder's mind as well. Ianto was trained to search for clues, but he's out of practice, I don't know if he was able to get a good enough look.”

”Okay,” Gwen said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world to use mind control. Owen assumed that she was silently freaking out, trying to find out if she'd been influenced. He was feeling sick.

Gwen glanced back at Ianto.

”The last time that happened … did he find something?”

”Yeah,” Jack answered, ”but it wasn't enough to identify him.”

”Jack …,” Owen said, then he choked on his words. He couldn't tell Jack. The captain would have a fit.

But he needed to. Jack thought that there was someone out there trying to get to Torchwood. Owen had to tell him that this wasn't the case.

But if he told him, Jack would take away the stone and …

”What is it, Owen?” Jack asked when he drove into the underground parking lot of Torchwood.

Owen took a breath, bracing himself.

”I want to run a full check-up on Ianto first thing tomorrow … just in case.”

”Agreed,” Jack answered. Owen nodded, not sure why he'd lied. Subconsciously, he knew though. He knew that he couldn't be without the high the stone was giving him. And the biggest high of all had been trying to get into Ianto's mind.


It was only when Owen stopped in front of Tosh's apartment building that he remembered that she had been on a date tonight.

”Hey, how did things go with Delwyn?”

Tosh hesitated and bit her lip.

”Okay, I guess.”

”Okay, you guess,” Owen repeated. ”Sounds … not so good.”

Tosh sighed and leaned back in her seat.

”I don't know. He's just ...”

”Not hot?”

”He's a looker.”


”Not at all.”

”Can't get it up?”

”Gosh, Owen!” She hit his arm. ”We haven't even properly snogged yet.”

”So, what is it?” Owen asked.

”He's boring.”

”What? That's all?”

Tosh shook her head.

”You know, some of us enjoy a decent conversation once in a while.”

”You can have decent conversations with me. Then you can go home and get shagged through the mattress by him. The best of two worlds.”

She grinned.

”Jerk!” Then she shook her head. ”I'll tell him the next time we see each other. Didn't have the time tonight.”

”Yeah, sorry about that.”

”It's not your fault.” She opened the door. ”Thanks for giving me a ride.”

”You're welcome.”

She slammed the door shut and Owen was left to his own thoughts. He rested his head against the wheel and sighed deeply.

”What am I gonna do?”


Jack sat down at the edge of his bed and sighed deeply, looking down at Ianto. The archivist swallowed and tried to hide how nervous he was.

Jack put the two syringes he'd brought with him on the bedside table.

”We could call Owen.”

”I don't want anyone else here for this,” Ianto answered.

”Okay,” Jack answered. ”Your call.”

”Your plan,” Ianto answered.

Jack hesitated.

”Maybe we should wait. You're still recovering.”

”We can't afford waiting. The memories are fresh.”

The captain nodded.

”Your hands are shaking,” he said.

Ianto nodded.

”I know.” He sat up and leaned against the wall.

Jack took one of the syringes and Ianto held his arm out. Jack hesitated.

”We could do without.”

”We couldn't,” Ianto answered earnestly. ”There' too much going on … in my head at the moment.”

Jack could understand that. With Lisa and the suspension, the team being cautious around Ianto, the self-loathing the younger man was probably going through, Jack's refusal to let him come as close as before Lisa happened and now this new threat … Ianto had to be a mess of memories and emotions. And he wouldn't be able to keep his barriers down when he was so nervous and confused. That's why they used the sedative: it would help Ianto to relax and keep his barriers down thus enabling Jack to enter Ianto's mind without causing a psi shock.

Jack injected the sedative and put the syringe on his bedside table, before he thought better of it and stashed it in the drawer for the time being.

”Don't want to grab the wrong one if something happens,” he explained. Ianto nodded, looking at the remaining syringe with the Tiramin.

Jack slid closer to him, feeling the need to reassure the younger man, ”I'll be careful.”

When Jack had been born, in 51st century, humans had mixed with other races from all over the universe and had developed a natural gift for reaching out to others' minds. But Ianto was a man from 21st century and Jack could see why the thought of letting someone in willingly would bother him.

Ianto cleared his throat.

”I know.”

Jack noticed that Ianto's eyes were becoming slightly unfocussed. His hands were still trembling though.

”Are you scared?”

Ianto avoided Jack's eyes.


”I never let someone in willingly.”

Jack slid his free hand to the nape of Ianto's neck and looked into his eyes, deciding to be honest with him.

”It's intimate. You're going to get a glimpse into my mind and I'm going to get a glimpse into yours.” He slid his hand up and cupped Ianto's cheek, pressing his forefinger against Ianto's temple. ”I'm going to take a look at your memories of the attacks. I won't be able to find them on my own, though. You have to help me. I'm not going to access memories you don't want me to see or try to control you. But it can happen that memories get triggered and … I'll try to look away. This is about trust, Ianto.”

Ianto's eyes were closing and when he sagged, Jack pulled him closer, leaning him against his chest, one hand cradling his head. Ianto's cheek rested on Jack's shoulder and he breathed deeply.

”You awake?”

”Yes, sir.”

”I want you to squeeze my hand, Ianto. Concentrate on that. I gave you just enough to get drowsy but you can't sleep, okay? Dreams are the worst that can happen right now. What do I want you to do?”

”Squeeze your hand to let you know if I'm still awake, sir.” Ianto sounded tired and his body was heavy against Jack's chest.

”Right,” Jack answered and closed his eyes to relax. It had been a while since he'd done something like this. He was a bit nervous and pretty sure that he wouldn't be if it was Tosh sitting here with him or Owen … but it was Ianto of all people.

Ianto sniffed.

”You smell good.”

Jack laughed softly.

”Thanks for that, Mr. Jones.”

”I shouldn't have said that.”

”You're loopy,” Jack answered. ”Just … be still and we'll be fine.” He caught himself nuzzling Ianto's hair and cleared his throat.

”Okay, start squeezing my hand, Ianto.” He waited for a minute to be sure that Ianto didn't fall asleep. Then he whispered, ”I'm going to get started now.”

”Will it hurt?”

”You won't feel a thing as long as your barrier stays down. Psi shock ...”

”... happens only when the barrier is up, I know. We had a cute instructor in Torchwood One.”

Jack laughed.

”Right,” Ianto said. ”Shutting up now.”

Jack closed his eyes, concentrated and reached out for Ianto's mind. It was as easy as opening a door when there was no barrier hindering an intruder from gaining access. It would be so easy to take over control now and finally do something Jack had wanted to do for so long – have a thorough look at Ianto from the inside, see how the other man worked and where he came from. But Ianto was showing him so much trust by letting him do this. Jack felt obliged to not abuse it.

Jack frowned and pulled Ianto closer.

”Feel me?”


”Going deeper in now.” Jack was attacked by emotions and memories, but they were weak and uncoordinated and he managed to rid himself of them to focus on his task.

His fingers stroked Ianto's hairline while he tried to find the memories he was looking for.

”You have to remember, Ianto.”

Lisa was laughing.

Jack shied away from the memory.

”Sorry,” Ianto said. His body got tense. ”Wait.”

”Take your time.”

There it was. Jack frowned and pulled the memory of Owen and a pub closer.

”This it?” he asked softly. Ianto nodded.

”Is this about Lisa, then?”

Jack felt Ianto trying to grab the memory back but Jack held on to it.

”Ianto, I have to look at it.”

”Or is it about Jack?”

”I'm sorry,” Ianto whispered. Jack just watched.

”Ianto, seriously … that thing with Jack won't work out.”

Jack flinched when the attack happened and slipped an arm around Ianto's chest, trying to find whatever the intruder had left behind in Ianto's mind.

”Damn, he's strong,” Jack muttered.

Ianto nodded.

”Stronger than the first time.”

When Ianto in the memory reached out to the mind of the intruder, he found fear, anger, need and confusion. Jack looked through the emotions, trying to find something Ianto had overlooked – a hint, a trace, anything – but there was nothing.

”The other one,” he said.

He saw himself in his office with Ianto standing next to him.

He shook his head when he didn't find anything other than what Ianto had told him.

”You're clearly out of practice. There's not much to find.”

”Sorry. I shouldn't have stopped practising after London.”

Jack couldn't help but smile.

“Yeah, you're not the type to neglect anything.”

A lamp in the corner was the only source of light in the room but Jack was still able to see a mess of bottles and glasses on the coffee table, paper, videos and newspapers were littering the floor.

Ianto was carrying a big plastic bag, trying to clean up a room that was a lost cause.

There was a girl sitting on the couch, maybe 18 years old, watching him.

“Dad doesn't want you to do that.“

Ianto answered,“Well, he isn't doing anything to keep the place clean, is he?“

Jack pushed the memory away, but he yould hear the girl answering.

“Are you trying to provoke him? Even after what happened the last time?“

Jack felt Ianto's body getting tense and he decided to ignore the memory. He prepared to leave Ianto's mind and said, “We'll work on your abilities. I could help you.“

The memory of the shooting range from a few weeks ago came on so suddenly that Jack grabbed it before he realized what he was doing.

They were standing close to each other, Ianto with a gun in his hand and Jack admiring his precise hits on the cardboard Weevil.

Jack was in Ianto's memories, he could feel Ianto blush and his own mind provided him with the reason.

His hands on Ianto's hips, his fingers digging into his waist gently.

He'd seen Ianto's hand tremble when he'd taken the shots and remembered that he'd smiled, sniffing Ianto's hair. Suddenly, he was back in the range, reliving the memory.

Feeling himself pulling Ianto closer, nuzzling his neck.

Their memories collided and melted, drawing them in and Jack forgot where he was and that he was supposed to be retreating because this was private and precious. It had to be because it was so sharp, as if it happened an hour ago.

The kiss was passionate, Ianto's skin under the unbuttoned shirt so warm and the cool, moist walls of the shooting range an interesting contrast. Ianto gasped when Jack's hand slid into his trousers and the gun fell to the sandy ground, unnoticed. Jack felt warm and happy and affection and he remembered those feelings. But there was also the memory of sadness and shame and he wondered where those feelings came from. He pulled Ianto into another kiss. Suddenly, there was something much bigger. Bigger than affection, maybe something like … love.

Jack shied away and left Ianto's mind and his perch on the bed.

”Sorry,” he gasped and turned away. ”I shouldn't have-”

”I didn't stop you,” Ianto said and when Jack turned around, he saw Ianto sitting on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands, looking utterly miserable.

”Those were your feelings,” Jack said.

Ianto rubbed his face. Then he got up.

”I have to leave.”

He stumbled and Jack pushed him back down.

”You can't. You're still sedated.”

Ianto got up again.

”Just let me sleep on the couch.” He didn't wait for Jack's response, just pushed past him and went up the ladder. Jack felt forced to climb up behind him and make sure that he didn't fall. He watched Ianto drop on the couch and provided him with a blanket. Ianto wrapped himself in it and closed his eyes.

Jack stood next to the couch, unsure what to do.

”Those were your feelings.”

Ianto burrowed deeper under the blanket.

”Please, sir.”

Jack nodded reluctantly.

”Alright. Sorry.”

”You have nothing to be sorry for, Captain.”

Jack sighed and brushed a hand through his hair.

”You sleep. We'll talk about the next steps concerning the threat in a few hours before the others arrive.”


Jack went to his office and dimmed the lights in the main Hub. Then he pressed the back of his hand against his lips. Those had been Ianto's feelings: sadness, shame … and something akin to love. He'd known of course, at least suspected, that Ianto wasn't the type for casual sex, but Ianto had told him that he didn't want more and Jack had believed him.

Ianto stared into the almost-darkness of the Hub. He shouldn't have lost control. Jack shouldn't know this. Ianto had been scared after that encounter in the shooting range. Love was something he shouldn't have developed for Jack Harkness. He'd spent that night at Lisa's side, reading to her and trying to make it up to her even though she had no idea what was wrong. He'd told her that he loved her before leaving for work the next morning. It hadn't been a lie.

But when Jack had asked him a few days later if he was sure that their 'casual sex only'-rule was really what Ianto wanted – because Jack had known deep down, of course, Jack always knew – Ianto had told him 'yes' … and that had been a lie.


Owen was in front of his toilet, a shaking mess of sweaty hair and tangled limbs. The violent nausea that had woken him half an hour ago was gone now and he was exhausted. There was something wrong with him. There had to be. He'd never thought that he would lie to Jack over such a big thing or that he would attack one of his colleagues. Everything was wrong and he felt miserable and … he needed.

He needed so bad it hurt. He needed to do it again. He needed to break Ianto. And when he was done with him he could try to do the same with Jack.

Owen smiled.

Chapter 12


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