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The Enemy Within

Word Count: 41.485
Summary: Following Ianto's betrayal, Jack thinks that the team may be broken for good. He tries to heal the mental wounds while being unable to quite forgive Ianto himself. When the team is faced with a threat using mental powers to gain access to Torchwood, none of them realize that the enemy is already among them.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams, Myfanwy, OCs
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/OC, Owen/OC
Rating: PG-13
Spoiler: Day One, Cyberwoman
Setting: after Cyberwoman
Warnings: Language, really short dub-con (kissing) but nothing beyond the boundaries of the show
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Torchwood and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

Chapter 14



Jack was nowhere to be seen when they entered the Hub. Tosh sat down at her computer while Gwen followed Owen to the med bay and said, ”Jack and Ianto are in Jack's room.”

Owen smirked.

”Getting it on?”

The shove Gwen gave him nearly sent him toppling down the stairs of the med bay. He whirled around.

”What the fuck did you do that for?”

”Just stop it, you asshole! It's jokes like this one that made Ianto do it!”

”Do what?” Owen asked.

”He took Retcon. He took enough Retcon to wipe out the past five years.”

Owen felt sucker-punched.

”You just couldn't stop, right? Always making fun of him and-”

”Hey! I wasn't the only one who didn't trust him after Lisa. As I remember, you were the one who told Jack that we should lock him up.”

Gwen bit her lip, tears in her eyes.

He didn't stop there, tired and confused and angry as he was.

”You were the one who asked Jack if we shouldn't use Retcon. That wasn't my idea.”

”I didn't mean it that way.”

”The hell you didn't! How come that I'm always the bastard around here?”

Tosh joined them with her arms crossed, glaring.

”Take your pick, Owen,” she said. ”I'm not surprised that Ianto did it, the way you were treating him.”

”So it's my fault?” Owen asked. ”What about him? Maybe he just couldn't take it any more that his girlfriend was dead, huh? Maybe that was the reason for him doing this.” He should know. After Katie's death, he'd wished more than once for something like an amnesia pill. He slapped the autopsy table.

”I'm sick and tired of you lot. Maybe I'll take some Retcon home with me and leave this fucking city for good!”

Gwen snorted.

”Please do, Owen.”


They turned around to Jack. He was standing there, in the entrance of the med bay, with his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing a t-shirt and his trousers, the braces hanging down.

He glared at all of them.

”Shut up! I can't take this any more! Look at you!” He turned away.

”I don't know what I'm doing here any more,” he muttered and Tosh ducked her head, pulling up her shoulders. Gwen was still glaring at Owen and he raised his eyebrows, daring her to say something. Jack turned around to them, addressing the doctor.

”Where the hell have you been? Pick up your phone. That's not too difficult, is it?”

Owen ducked his head.

”Ianto's in my room. Check on him. Make sure that he's alright.”

Owen grabbed his bag and brushed past the captain to his office. He'd known that Jack had a bedroom under his office but he was climbing down the ladder for the first time now. The room was bare, impersonal; just a bed, a bedside table and a closet. On a hanger on the door was Ianto's suit. Bare concrete walls. The room was a bunker, really.

Ianto, dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants, was sleeping peacefully in Jack's bed and Owen perched on the edge of it to assess him. While Owen was listening to Ianto's heartbeat, he tried to calm down. The fight was running through his head again and he wondered what was wrong with all of them.

”You're doing fine, tea boy,” he said softly and for the first time in what felt like ages, he felt calm. It was quiet down here. Ianto's soft breaths were the only thing to be heard and Owen realized just how tired he was. He didn't want to go up the and face Jack or Gwen or even Tosh. He wanted to curl up next to Ianto and sleep for a week. He felt drained and void of emotion. There was an insistent buzz starting in the back of his head and even though it didn't hurt, Owen felt tears gathering in his eyes. Looking at Ianto sleeping peacefully, Owen just knew that something had happened. Something terrible. He couldn't remember anything past Jack and Gwen leaving to go on a hunt. And that scared him.


When Owen was gone, calm entered the main Hub. Jack watched the doctor leave before he addressed Tosh.

"Where have you been?"

Tosh paled and Gwen clenched her hands into fists.

"This is hardly the perfect timing, Jack."

"Owen's here and checking on Ianto. It's the perfect timing." He looked at Tosh invitingly.

"I …" She stopped and ducked her head, ashamed.

Jack put his hands on his hips. His voice was cold and there was an undercurrent of exhaustion in it as if he couldn't bear to be let down all the time.

"It's old news that Owen's unreliable sometimes. I just didn't expect something like that from you of all people."

Gwen took a breath to say something but Jack raised his hand.

"Don't say it, Gwen."

She turned away and stalked to her desk in a huff. Tosh crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry," she whispered and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I don't know why I did it."

Jack looked at her for a long time, his forehead creased into a frown and his hands on his hips.

"Come," he said finally and headed for his office. Tosh followed him hesitantly and stopped just inside the door, not sure what to do with herself. The office was almost dark, the only light coming from Jack's desk lamp and the computer screen. The blinds were closed, barring the main Hub's bright lights.

Jack crouched down looked into his bedroom.

"Are you done, Owen?"

The doctor startled and got up from his position on the edge of the bed.

"Yeah," he said. He climbed the ladder and stopped in front of Jack. “He's fine. His vitals are good. He's deep asleep but that's to be expected with Retcon.“

Jack nodded. Owen seemed to want to say something but he stopped himself, nodded hastily and left the room. He closed the door on his way out.

"Sit down," Jack said and pointed to one of the chairs in front of his desk. She did so and looked up at Jack who was leaning against his desk.

"Toshiko," Jack said, "Ianto was forced to take Retcon."

Her eyes widened.

"What? But …" She stopped. "The intruder? But Ianto didn't have a psi shock, did he?"

"No. Because the intruder was successful. Ianto's barriers are down. I checked while you were out getting Owen."

"We still don't know who did this?"

"No idea. But there aren't many people who could have done it, because humans from the 21st century can't do something like this without the proper psi training and even if they'd had training it's almost impossible." He crossed his arms. "Look at the CCTV footage from tonight and take a good look. Each and every camera."

She nodded.

"If Gwen and Owen help me, I could-"

"No, they won't."

Tosh looked at him in puzzlement.


He stood up and sat down in his chair.

"I want you to listen to me and to not ask any questions."

She nodded.

"I've widened my mental barriers to protect you. Nobody can get into your head without me noticing. You look at the CCTV. Gwen and Owen can't know about this because if they do, the intruder could read it in their minds."

"Couldn't you just include them into your barriers, too?"

"That would weaken my barriers and we don't want that. We have to know if he was in the Hub, okay? It's weird that you and Owen left the base and both of you don't seem to know why. We know that the intruder isn't here now but he could have come down here after you two left. He must appear somewhere on the CCTV and maybe we'll be able to see what he wants or if he took something. Focus on Ianto, too. Maybe the intruder wasn't here in person but used Ianto's body. Scan the base for everything you can – booby traps, technology, everything."

Tosh nodded. Jack slumped in his chair.

"I'm sorry that you have to do it on your own but … I can't protect more than two people besides me at the same time. I need your tech knowledge and as soon as Ianto wakes up, he'll need my barriers, too."

"I can't work on my computer. Gwen and Owen will see what I'm doing."

He nodded.

"Use Ianto's computer in the tourist office."

She got up and was prepared to leave, but then she stopped. Jack seemed to be so lost and tired. She'd never seen him like that before. He was staring into space, the glare of his computer cutting shadows on his face. She hesitated, then she walked a few steps towards him.


He looked at her, wiping his hand across his lips.

”Tell me the truth,” he said suddenly. ”When did I lose control? What did I do wrong?”

She sighed deeply.

”I don't know.”

”Was it when I re-built Torchwood Three from scratch? When I hired Suzie or Owen? You? Ianto? Maybe when I started to sleep with him? When Suzie killed herself? When I hired Gwen? When I ordered you to kill Lisa?” He looked at her, utterly defeated. ”Because the team's broken and I'm not able to fix it. We're fighting, irritating each other, not trusting each other … look what happened.”

Tosh rounded the desk and came to stand next to Jack. She hopped onto the desktop and looked at him attentively.

”I wanted this to be the reason to get up each morning. I wanted this to be different from the Torchwood we had before. I wanted this to be your anchor. There's so much shit going on outside … I … wanted you to feel safe here. To have something akin to a family. This almost feels like 1999.”

Tosh knew what had transpired on new year's eve at the end of the twentieth century. The reports stated that Torchwood leader Alex Hopkins had shot everyone, leaving Jack in charge.

He stared at her.

”I was too much of a friend or a father … or a lover. I have to be more of a leader.”

”I for one think that you're a terrific leader,” Tosh answered. ”You just lost your way. We all do. And families fight, Jack. They fight and they end up not talking to each other but they always come back.” She reached out to brush a hand down his cheek. He took her hand and kissed the palm. Then he closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair.


Jack sighed deeply and brushed Ianto's hair out of his forehead. “Ianto?“

He didn't stir. Jack rubbed his face with his hands and got up. He climbed up the ladder and left his office. He found Owen in the main Hub, his head on his arms and asleep at his desk. Jack tapped his shoulder and Owen startled awake before checking his watch. He groaned.

“It isn't even 6am, Jack.”

Gwen sat up on the couch where she'd taken a nap.

“He's still asleep,” Jack said.

Owen cleared his throat.

“It's been six hours. He needs more time.”

Jack just stared at him and Owen sighed before he wiped the last remains of sleep from his eyes.

“Is he breathing alright?”

Jack nodded.

“Then he's sleeping,” Owen said. “Skip the drama.”

Jack's eyes narrowed.

“Drama?” His voice had a dangerous edge to it and Owen pushed his chair back a few centimetres to put some distance between them. “This drama wouldn't be necessary if you'd been here, Owen.”

Owen ducked his head.

”I needed you right here. Ianto needed you right here.”

”He took Retcon,” Owen said, feeling defensive. ”There was nothing I could have done.”

”You could have tried. And that's no reason not to answer your phone, Owen. It could have been Gwen bleeding to death. I'm sick and tired of your can't be bothered-attitude of the last few weeks. Of being criticized because of my decisions concerning Ianto. Of you taking it out on him.”

Jack stared at Owen and the doctor swallowed.

“I ...” He stopped. “I'm sorry, okay?” he asked. “I didn't hear the phone.”

Jack wanted to yell at him but he reminded himself that, maybe, it really hadn't been Owen's fault. Somebody had sent Tosh and him out of the Hub and they could be responsible for everything that had happened after that, too. But Gwen didn't know that.

“You've been drunk, right?” she asked.

Jack looked at her.

“Stop it, Gwen,” he said. She seemed hurt by that but then she just shrugged, picked up her jacket and her bag from the floor and headed for the door.

“Where do you think you're going?” Jack asked.

She raised her eyebrows – a challenge.

“Home. To see Rhys. I have a life outside of Torchwood, you know?”

Jack crossed his arms.

“Not at the moment, you don't. We have to work this situation out first.”

“There's nothing we can do, you said so yourself. I have barely been home for days. I'm tired and we're stuck.”

“Nobody's leaving this base,” Jack said and Gwen stared at him in disbelief before crossing her arms.

“Are we prisoners now, too?”

Jack glanced at her tiredly and turned away.

“Don't you need two signatures to make it official?” she wanted to know.

Jack stopped. Gwen was just tired, he knew that. That didn't change that he felt attacked and he couldn't stand that feeling. He forced himself to speak calmly.

”You're the new girl, Gwen. It's not your place to tell me how to lead my agents. If I decide to activate Protocol 39, then I'm going to do it.”

”But it isn't right-”

”That's the point! You have no idea what is right at the moment, Gwen, because you have no idea what kind of sick creatures are waiting just on the other side of the Rift.” He turned around to face her.

She stared at him defiantly.

”You hired me for the human point of view.”

”And you're all over it, right? Constantly telling us how not human we are. I didn't lock Ianto up in a cell to beat him daily. I just took his authority and confined him to the Hub after I talked to him about it and he consented. It was his idea, damn it!”

Silence descended and Jack sighed.

“I want you to stay because it's safer. There's someone out there capable of manipulating you and they seem to have a problem with Torchwood.” He went to his office and slammed the door. Then he cursed quietly and looked down into his bedroom. Ianto had turned on his side but he was still sleeping. Then, while Gwen was calling Rhys to apologize for not being home and to explain that he wouldn't see her the whole day, either, Jack sat down at his desk and buried his head in his hands.

Chapter 16