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Torchwood: The Shadows (Drabble)

The Shadows

Word Count: 100
Summary: Toshiko had never been one to be noticed.
Characters: Toshiko Sato
Pairing: Tosh/Owen (hinted)
Rating: G
Spoiler: Hints at Reset
Warnings: Hints at canon Character Death
Author's Note: Written for the tw100  prompt #183 - Shadow Play.
Feedback: Can’t breathe without it.
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The tv-show Torchwood and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.


It wasn't easy, being caught in the shadows. Toshiko had never been one to be noticed. Sometimes she doubted that Owen saw her as more than a colleague. He wasn't an easy man to love, struggling with himself, lashing out when someone dared to come too close.

Finally, she realized that something had changed. He didn't balk at the idea of a relationship anymore, and she found the courage to leave the shadows behind.

But it was too late, and Owen got trapped in the shadows himself.

Only unlike Tosh, he would never be able to step out of them.


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( 18 comments — Leave a comment )
Feb. 7th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
Aww, so sweet and sad. Lovely to have a Tosh/Owen drabble for once, they're pretty rare! :)
Feb. 7th, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)

They are rare, that's right. Most of the authors are preocupied with Jack/Ianto - me, too. :D I wanna make an effort, though, to do more fics about the other characters as well.
Feb. 7th, 2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
Feb. 8th, 2011 12:59 pm (UTC)
They are. That whole situation between them is seriously screwed up.
Feb. 7th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Aww brilliant - so sad but so true.
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
Feb. 7th, 2011 05:43 pm (UTC)
Beautiful. The shadow imagery works perfectly for Tosh/Owen.
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :) That's what I was thinking. I thought about doing something Jack/Ianto first, but then I realized that Tosh/Owen would be even better.
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
beautiful... and oh so sad.
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:33 am (UTC)
Oh, lovely angle on such a bittersweet situation.
Feb. 8th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
Feb. 9th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)
Very lovely and heartbreaking.
Feb. 9th, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :)
Feb. 9th, 2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
So tragic - they were finally ready to see if a relationship would work between them, but they left it too late and lost the chance.
Feb. 10th, 2011 01:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's sad. :(
Feb. 26th, 2011 01:40 am (UTC)
Oh, Tosh. And poor Owen :( Very powerful drabble!
Feb. 26th, 2011 01:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :)
( 18 comments — Leave a comment )