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Snippet: Charlie was staring searchingly at him while Ian put an arm around his hip and brushed the dark curls out of his forehead with his free hand. “Say yes,” Ian whispered.

Pairing: Charlie/Ian Edgerton
Rating: NC-17
Spoiler: Sniper Zero, Toxin, Two daughters, Spree, Hot Shot
Setting: Season one to Season three
Warnings: Slash, sex, bad words
Author’s note: Written for the Numb3rs New Year Challenge. I’m answering the prompts of Truthwritaslies: 1. How they got together and 2. A fight bad enough that they’re on the verge of breaking up, but something happens and they get back together (though that’s only minor)

Beta: cpwatcher, thank you!
Disclaimer: I’m not making money with this fanfic. The TV-show Numb3rs and the characters appearing within it belong to their producers and creators. Any similarities to living or dead persons are purely coincidental and not intended.

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Ian could hear him breathing. He pressed closer to the wall, glimpsing carefully around the corner, however, he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary in the night’s shadows. But he could hear him. Ian ducked, creeping forwards in the protection of the shadows. He stopped, listened, and prepared for the attack, his body tensing up. With a sudden movement he glided silently through the room and seized Charlie’s t-shirt. Charlie made a surprised sound and fell to the floor when Ian tripped him. The agent landed on the smaller man and held his wrists to the floor. He laughed. “That was too easy.”

“Ow!” Charlie answered and Ian, instantly worried, switched on the lamp near them. Light chased the shadows away, changing the training premise back to Charlie’s living room.

“Are you hurt?” Ian asked.

Charlie shook his head. “Just fell awkwardly,” he answered.

“You sure?” Ian wanted to get up and examine Charlie more closely, but the younger man’s legs held him down.

“Sure,” Charlie answered. He smiled. “Well, it seems I’m not born to be a fighter.”

“You just need a little more training.”

Charlie’s hand brushed through Ian’s dark hair. “Could we stop the exercise now?”

Ian made a show of thinking about it. “I don’t know, Professor. I’m not exactly happy with your performance.” He was pulled down into heated a kiss and rolled his hips. Charlie’s obvious erection brushed his through two layers of cotton and Ian smiled. “We could postpone, though.” Charlie worked his hand under Ian’s t-shirt then pulled impatiently on Ian’s sweatpants. A look at the clock on the wall assured Ian that they would have the house to themselves for at least two more hours, so he shoved a hand down Charlie’s pajama trousers. Charlie lifted his hips and Ian’s hand gripped his ass. Charlie moaned, throwing his head back, and Ian used the opportunity to nibble at his throat.

Someone cleared his throat and Charlie sat up, hitting his head on the living room table. His knee hit Ian’s groin. Ian panted with the pain, trying to curl into himself, but since Charlie was attempting to shove him off his body, he couldn’t. When he finally could move, after three hard hits from Charlie’s knee into his stomach later, the pain was unbearable. Ian curled up, whimpering quietly. Charlie jumped to his feet and brushed a hand through his hair. “Dad!” he panted. Ian groaned. “You’re home,” Charlie said. The front door closed and Charlie’s next words made Ian freeze in terror. “And you brought Don.” Ian straightened up and peeked over the edge of the coffee table, not certain whether he wanted to leave the secure position. Alan was hugging groceries to his chest, while Don’s hands were filled with some files. Both seemed to be speechless.

Ian tried to ignore the pain and got up. “Good. Charlie,” he said, “we’ll continue to work on the -- self-defence. The hand to hand combat. I’m -- not completely happy with it.” Don stared at him and Ian couldn’t help but check that his hands were too occupied to grab his gun. He grinned. Charlie cleared his throat, nudging Ian’s hip. The agent looked down and then quickly pulled up his pants. Then he smiled at Alan. “Your son’s making progress. With the self-defence.” He headed for the door, staying as far away from Don as possible. “Mr. Eppes. Don.” He opened the door.

Alan broke his silence. ”Shoes.”

“What?” Ian asked in confusion.

“You’re not wearing your shoes.”

Slowly, all the blood found its way back to Ian’s brain and he laughed. “Right,” he said.

“Okay, this is stupid,” Charlie said suddenly, seemingly able to think straight again as well, “We -- Ian and I …” He stopped and swallowed.

“Are you gay?” The question exploded out of Don.

“No,” Charlie answered. “Well, a bit,” he corrected.

“A bit?” Don and Ian echoed.

“More than a bit as I seem to recall you begging …,” Ian started with a dirty smile, but he stopped when Don glanced at him, murder in his eyes.

Alan shook his head with a disappointed sigh. “Charlie …”

“I know,” his youngest interrupted, “I’m sorry, Dad. I don’t know -- well, there was -- that student I went out with in Princeton …”

“Yeah, whatever,” Alan said, “I know about it, your mom told me. But why didn’t you tell me that you had a boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” Ian echoed, confused. Charlie and he were anything but boyfriends. They met up when Ian was in town. Ian wouldn’t describe that as a relationship.

“You knew?” Don hissed, stunned.

“You’re okay with it?” Charlie asked.

“I grew up in the 60’s, Charlie. Free love. I gotta say, once, I had …”

“Whoa!” Don interrupted in panic, “I don’t want to know, Dad.”

“Boyfriend?” Ian asked again, looking at Charlie.

Alan nodded and smiled at him. “Yeah. I’d gotten more bread for tomorrow morning if I’d known that you’d be here.” Ian hadn’t planned to stay that long. He didn’t get the feeling that Don would like that answer, though. He already seemed willing to kill him. “I’ll make dinner,” Alan announced happily and headed for the kitchen.

Don stared after him, stunned. “Dad,” he said.

“Don,” Charlie answered, stepping up to his brother. Ian could see how nervous he was. He knew how much his brother’s friendship meant to Charlie. “Are you okay?” Charlie asked.

Don stared at him and shook his head. He seemed to be able to fight his surprise down. “How long has this been going on?”

Charlie looked at Ian and the agent felt compelled to answer. “For almost two years, now.”

“Two years?” Don repeated. He put the files down. “I didn’t see it,” he added. Ian shrugged.

Charlie put a hand on Don’s arm. “Donnie?” His brother looked at him. “Are we okay?” Charlie asked, obviously insecure.

Don sighed deeply. “Sure, I’m just -- I need a second -- or more.” He looked at Ian, a warning in his eyes which the sniper understood. He nodded at Don.

Alan called from the kitchen. “Agent Edgerton, please give me a hand with the salad!” Ian looked helplessly at Charlie and he nodded encouragingly. Alan opened the kitchen door. “You’ll stay for dinner, right?”

Ian hesitated for a second, and then he nodded. “Sure.”

He wasn’t the kind of guy who said no to an invitation.


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Mar. 11th, 2010 01:26 pm (UTC)
It's a kind of classic comedy set up but it always makes me smile. Very funny. Good work.
Mar. 11th, 2010 06:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you. For a while there, I was worried about it being too cliche. :)
Mar. 12th, 2010 03:26 am (UTC)
Nah, it was fine.
Mar. 11th, 2010 02:30 pm (UTC)
What a way to find out for sure that your son is bi or gay. I like the way Ian is shocked with being called a boyfirend. I can't wait to see what happens with Don and Charlie. Also how Don is with Ian now. Two years is a long time to hide so now that Don and Alan know do they come out or stay hidding? Lots of questions I can't wait to find the answer to.
Mar. 11th, 2010 06:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you.
I don't think Ian thinks of himself as the typical boyfriend. I wanted him to "experience" it. Including a potential father-in-law. :) I think he would be well out of his depth.
I hope all your questions are going to be answered to your satisfaction.
Mar. 11th, 2010 03:13 pm (UTC)
*laughs evilly*

Love it :)
Mar. 11th, 2010 03:23 pm (UTC)
Ha! like they would have believed "self-defense" it was worth a try though...lmao!
Mar. 11th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you both. :)
Mar. 13th, 2010 12:47 pm (UTC)
Charlie not a fighter? Took Ian down pretty effectively. *g*
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